GF Machining Solutions unveils Laser S series machines

Published Date
April 25, 2019 - 03:45:pm

GF Machining Solutions introduced the AgieCharmilles Laser S series machines to its North American audience at a special event held earlier this month at the company's Lincolnshire, Illinois, location. On display was the Laser S 1000 U, which the company predicted would help manufacturers advance productivity, quality, design freedom, and time to market—all while reducing cost-per-part in markets such as automotive, packaging, and communications technology.

With its laser texturing technology, the Laser S series offers users a fully digital solution for overcoming the limitations of conventional texturing methods like manual chemical etching. Shops using such methods face significant challenges with regard to design and the high risk of errors, not to mention the environmental concerns related to the use of acids.

GF Machining Solutions cited Laser S benchmarking tests that showcase the machine's capabilities for various applications, such as texturing of stainless steel automotive lighting molds. In this case, this solution’s 3D scanning system reduced machining time by 30% compared to its predecessor (the Laser P) while improving surface finish quality.

Jon Carlson, advanced manufacturing product manager at GF Machining Solutions, covers the highlights of the Laser S series in this video report produced by Cutting Tool Engineering. To learn more, view the video and/or visit the GF Machining Solutions website for more details.

Meanwhile, some bullet points for you:

  • Each 5-axis movement is calculated to most efficiently deliver the best shape of your texture while optimizing machining time.
  • By avoiding unnecessary machine movement, Smartpatch and the LASER S guarantee the best shape accuracy of your texture.
  • The LASER S is up to 50% faster, depending on the application, at executing challenging geometrical textures.