EASTEC 2021 Booth Visit with Gorilla Mill

Published Date
November 13, 2021 - 01:00:pm

Gorilla Mill President and Owner Kevin Cranker offers Cutting Tool Engineering a quick tour of the company's booth at EASTEC 2021, highlighting two new Gorilla Mill lines: the Arsenal' lines during Cutting Tool Engineering's EASTEC 2021 booth visit. Cranker begins the tour by featuring the company's new Arsenal line of Picatinny cutters along with a new line of Lemur chamfering mills.

Related Glossary Terms

  • chamfering


    Machining a bevel on a workpiece or tool; improves a tool’s entrance into the cut.

  • milling machine ( mill)

    milling machine ( mill)

    Runs endmills and arbor-mounted milling cutters. Features include a head with a spindle that drives the cutters; a column, knee and table that provide motion in the three Cartesian axes; and a base that supports the components and houses the cutting-fluid pump and reservoir. The work is mounted on the table and fed into the rotating cutter or endmill to accomplish the milling steps; vertical milling machines also feed endmills into the work by means of a spindle-mounted quill. Models range from small manual machines to big bed-type and duplex mills. All take one of three basic forms: vertical, horizontal or convertible horizontal/vertical. Vertical machines may be knee-type (the table is mounted on a knee that can be elevated) or bed-type (the table is securely supported and only moves horizontally). In general, horizontal machines are bigger and more powerful, while vertical machines are lighter but more versatile and easier to set up and operate.