New 'online trade fair' platform launches

October 19, 2014 - 07:00pm
KommaTrade, an online mechanical engineering trade fair, was recently launched at

KommaTrade, an online mechanical engineering trade fair, was recently launched at Through the Web portal, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, manufacturers from different sectors can make presentations with product pictures and a company description. The website allows users to click through to an exhibitor's website, which provides communication coordinates and contact information.

The platform covers materials and metal forming, rotating equipment, process components, transmissions, automation and tooling. Examples include steel castings, hot forgings, gravity die castings, sintering, borehole pumps, thermal equipment, precision tubes, control valves, metallic bellows, engine bearings, ground gears, mechatronics, expansion arbors and rotary indexing tables.

The aim of the site is to help users discover new sources of supply which have export experience and are motivated to succeed in international business, according to KommaTrade.

Related Glossary Terms

  • sintering


    Bonding of adjacent surfaces in a mass of particles by molecular or atomic attraction on heating at high temperatures below the melting temperature of any constituent in the material. Sintering strengthens and increases the density of a powder mass and recrystallizes powder metals.

  • web


    On a rotating tool, the portion of the tool body that joins the lands. Web is thicker at the shank end, relative to the point end, providing maximum torsional strength.


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