NCMS on Cyber Security Challenges for Manufacturers

April 06, 2017 - 03:30pm

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), Ann Arbor, Mich., sees cyber security awareness and prevention in manufacturing as an emerging challenge for manufacturers. In response, NCMS  has released a new whitepaper, written by Senior Vice President Rebecca Taylor,  “Balancing Productivity and Security: The New Cybersecurity Challenge for Manufacturers.”  This white paper focuses on the cyber security awareness, prevention, and best practices that can improve the security of the entire industrial base.

“Cybersecurity presents substantial challenges to all manufacturers but especially small manufacturers who are least equipped to address the risks” said Taylor.  “It is not a matter of if a company will get targeted, but when.  NCMS provides a trusted platform for manufacturers to understand the threat, create a protection and mitigation plan, and know where to turn for help.”

Within  “Balancing Productivity and Security: The New Cybersecurity Challenge for Manufacturers”, readers will learn the importance of planning for and ramifications of cyber security threats.

“We see the cybersecurity white paper as the beginning of a conversation with manufacturers and other stakeholders for engagement on specific technology challenges and development opportunities.”  said Taylor.

Download a complimentary copy of the white paper here.

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    Shaft used for rotary support in machining applications. In grinding, the spindle for mounting the wheel; in milling and other cutting operations, the shaft for mounting the cutter.


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