Kick-start program launched to empower industrial companies

May 07, 2018 - 12:30pm
Kick-start program launched to empower industrial companies

Article provided on behalf of relayr

Google and relayr, a leading provider of industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions, have together helped Aluvation, an aluminum heat-treatment company, disrupt the way automotive companies traditionally process aluminum components for vehicles.

Through an innovative “Heat Treatment as a Service” model, relayr’s IoT platform-connected heat treatment modules from Aluvation now take a few days to install, versus 6-12 months of installation time for heat treatment production lines, and start producing hardened components in a pay-as-you-go business model. With this visionary product, not only is Aluvation disrupting the aluminum production industry, relayr is revolutionizing how industrial devices are managed and monetized.

“The compelling IoT connectivity of our micro factories that relayr provides via the Google Cloud Platform is a crucial part of our business model,” said Markus Belte, CEO and founder, Aluvation. “The relayr solution not only enables basic tracking functions, it also provides sophisticated predictive maintenance allowing us to provide uptime guarantees to our clients, remote monitoring and adjustment of the production process from our central technology center, and the new business concept of aluminum heat treatment as a service.”

Relayr and Google are also announcing a kick-start program for IIoT startups and small to mid-size industrial organizations who manufacture, operate, and service industrial equipment, such as pumps, motors, elevators and appliances. With access to relayr’s expertise and offerings ranging from technology and insurance to finance solutions, the kick-start program helps companies successfully transition from CAPEX (capital expenditures) to OPEX (operating expenses), as well as reach target business goals such as equipment uptime, service-level agreements, and uptime guarantee-based models.

“We are excited to partner with relayr to help industrial companies identify precise business parameters that can be optimized by using IoT. By offering access to Google Cloud IoT Platform and relayr’s wealth of experience and technology solutions, we can help small and mid-size companies set clear ROI and business objectives prior to implementation,” said Antony Passemard, head of product management, Google Cloud IoT. “We believe this business outcome-focused kick-start program will enable industrial customers to confidently invest in their digital migration; and leverage the services provided by relayr and Google for financial success now and in the future.”

The kick-start program will deliver significant benefits to startups and industrial companies by offering:

  • Access to relayr’s advisory services for determining ROI on IoT investments and next steps for successful business outcomes.
  • Onboarding and the ability to monitor industrial assets on Google Cloud IoT Platform using relayr’s device management and middleware software.
  • Web-based training for relayr’s IIoT solution on Google Cloud Platform to help accelerate implementation of vertical solutions.
  • Optional professional services for scaling and production rollout to ensure solutions are ready for market deployment. 

“Google is a strategic partner for relayr and this has been showcased through our joint success with real industrial customers,” said Guneet Bedi, vice president sales and general manager Americas, relayr. “We hope this initial momentum and the launch of the kick-start program will allow for even more industrial companies to reach their full potential with relayr’s full-spectrum approach for IoT implementation.”


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