Röhm Group acquired

March 03, 2018 - 12:30pm

Röhm GroupRöhm Group, Suwanee, Ga., is now part of Dr. Helmut Rothenberger Holding GmbH. The acquisition will further strengthen RÖHM operations and position it for continued robust growth. The company’s 1,400 employees join the ROTHENBERGER Group’s family of over 100 companies, which include ROTHENBERGER AG, AUTANIA AG and WALTER Werkzeuge GmbH, along with a workforce more than 6,000 strong.

Anticipating a perfect storm for growth and business success, the Röhm family’s 4th generation representative Norbert Roos said, “We are pleased to have found a dependable and competent buyer in the family-run Dr. Helmut Rothenberger Holding GmbH group of companies.” He added that it would be “a guarantee for further successful development and continuation of the RÖHM Group.”

In addition, Dr. Helmut Rothenberger celebrated the acquisition, stating, “The traditional company RÖHM provides a good basis in order to keep up with the requirements of Industry 4.0 with regard to energy savings and networked clamping and gripping systems for the machine tool and robot industries."