Mazak Corp. to open technical center

January 03, 2019 - 05:15pm

Mazak Corp.FLORENCE, Ky., December 10, 2018 – With its sights set on further strengthening customer support, especially for those in the high-tech industries, Mazak Corporation has announced it will open a new Mazak San Francisco Technical Center. The new facility will service manufacturers in the Bay Area as well as those in Northern California and portions of Nevada. 

Mazak has had a long-term commitment to Northern California with an office in Milpitas for 30-years, and the new 10,000-square-foot Technical Center located in Fremont will further increase that commitment to manufacturers in these areas.

According to plans, the Mazak San Francisco Technical Center will open and be fully operational in early 2019. The strategically located facility will provide localized training, technical and applications support, space for system runoffs and opportunities to collaborate with multiple suppliers for the development of complete project solutions.

Mazak’s Technical Centers, such as the new one in San Francisco and a recently added facility in Dallas, work in unison with the company’s network of Regional Technology Centers to meet customer demands for even more technical and applications support. But most importantly, all the facilities provide customers with a place to learn about and how to implement the latest production strategies and manufacturing technologies, such as Mazak’s HYBRID Multi-Tasking, PALLETECH Automated Cells and full 5-axis machining.

Working with higher technology companies, the facility will serve as a development lab with a key focus in hybrid applications, material processing and advancements in digital applications by partnering with companies seeking advanced global solutions in manufacturing. 

“The customer-supplier relationship has changed,” said Dan Janka, president of Mazak Corporation. “Customers only gain value when suppliers and their support facilities are relevant. This especially holds true with those customers involved in today’s high-tech industries, which is why we continue our commitment to educating customers and to expanding our network of support facilities so that we can react instantaneously to customer needs.”

The new Mazak San Francisco Technical Center will have designated space for conferences, events and co-presentations with Mazak and other suppliers. A very strong emphasis will be placed on education and training which are integral to marketing today. A technology area will have room for machine tool demonstrations, and the facility’s staff will include applications engineers as well as service technicians and sales support team.

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