Jet Edge launches Choice Waterjet Parts Division

April 11, 2016 - 07:00pm

Jet Edge Inc., a manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology based in St. Michael, Minn., in February launched an aftermarket waterjet parts division, Choice Waterjet Parts Inc.

Choice Waterjet Parts supplies ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet components for major brands of waterjet cutting systems, including Flow, Omax, KMT, Bystronic and WSI. Genuine Jet Edge parts will continue to be supplied exclusively by Jet Edge, according to a recent company news release.

The new division’s inventory includes waterjet replacement parts for UHP pumps, cutting heads, orifices, nozzles, on/off valve parts, HP seal kits, swivels and more. For more information about Choice Waterjet Parts, visit, e-mail or call 763-497-8735.

Related Glossary Terms

  • waterjet cutting

    waterjet cutting

    Fine, high-pressure (up to 50,000 psi or greater), high-velocity jet of water directed by a small nozzle to cut material. Velocity of the stream can exceed twice the speed of sound. Nozzle opening ranges from between 0.004" to 0.016" (0.l0mm to 0.41mm), producing a very narrow kerf. See AWJ, abrasive waterjet.

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