Automatics & Machinery's 25th anniversary

April 07,2014 - 07:00pm

Longmont, Colo.-based used machinery dealer Automatics & Machinery is celebrating 25 years supporting machine shops. With a sales staff to research, locate and negotiate machinery for customers, a longstanding membership in the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) and a machinery appraiser accredited through the Association of Machinery and Equipment  Appraisers (AMEA), A&M has sought to simplify the process of finding new equipment since its establishment by founder Steven Beck in 1989. 

"We buy running machines that are almost always inspected by us or by a trained technician at the seller's facility," said Mike Reeves, VP of sales. "When we bring the machines to our floor, we test them, sometimes paint and re-label them so they look pristine. Finally we package them for delivery. We also video tape the machine, tooling & accessories, post it to our website and YouTube page so any buyer anywhere knows what he or she is paying for."