Industry News for 02/2023

Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) products are widely used in industry for their superior abrasion resistance and longevity when machining non-ferrous materials.
Through a partnership with Siemens, machine tool builder DMG Mori offers an entry-level, compact machine that works a 440-pound steel workpiece into a rock bit with better tool life, a higher degree of accuracy and higher overall production efficiencies.
Manufacturers and industry professionals are concerned about rates, inflation and a possible recession. Here are best practices for borrowing in 2023.
While shops can perform rotating-workpiece deep-hole drilling on a turning machine, a dedicated deep-hole drilling machine using what’s known as counter-rotation will net much better results.
To update more than 60 members of the press from across the globe about Studer's business activities and new developments, the company hosted Motion Meeting Expedition 2023 on Feb. 10 at its headquarters.
Eriez released a white paper for the metalworking industry, “A Guide to Portable Sump Cleaners: Lower Labor Costs, Eliminate Machine Downtime and Maximize Coolant Life.”  The white paper, written by Eriez technical sales representative Clay O’Dana, explains that powerful portable sump cleaners generate up to 110 gallons per minute of suction to eliminate sludge and chips.