Industry News for 11/2022

Mazak Ez Series
There are a lot more than dollar signs to consider before purchasing a new machine tool.
Palmary Machinery cites NUMgrind software as key product differentiator
Palmary Machinery cites NUMgrind software as a key product differentiator.
Anode off-gas recycling blower location.
Mohawk Innovative Technology teams with Velo3D to boost efficiency and durability, taking 60% off the price of anode off-gas recycle blowers.
World Robotics report
The World Robotics Report shows that robot installations in the United States were up by 14% to 34,987 units in 2021 -- the second most successful year for the robotics industry in the U.S.
Bystronic Laser AG, working jointly with EMCO GmbH from Hallein/Salzburg, undertook a complete redesign of the machine frame machining process so that it could be carried out by EMCO Mecof's Megamill high-gantry milling machine.
The Lotus Emira
Lotus Cars Ltd. is known for the design and manufacture of high-performance cars born out of legendary success on the racetrack. Its latest sports car, the Emira, is by far the most accurate model ever built by Lotus thanks to the use of a 5-axis HC-90TR twin-arm coordinate measuring machine from LK Metrology.
Workpiece carriers are loaded with around 150 parts are fed into and out of cleaning cabinets.
Parts cleaning is critical to achieving precision, process reliability and high efficiency in processes and production technologies.
The production of high-precision parts with complex interior geometries requires top quality along the entire production chain. In order to be optimally prepared for future cleanliness requirements, a Swedish manufacturer replaced one of its existing solvent cleaning systems. They chose an Ecoclean EcoCcompact fitted with Ultrasonics PLUS, to mention only one of the system's features.
Wet blasting
Additive manufacturing is not perfect, and one area where significant issues reside is in the surface finish of AM parts as they come out of the build chamber or off the build plate.
Skivving for EV market.
Power skiving is the fastest-growing method of gear machining.
When machining titanium, the highest temperatures are reached near the cutting edge and in the chip. This is evidenced by a light-colored cloud forming around the chip. (Source: Blaser Swisslube)
The research and development team at Blaser Swisslube, a Swiss expert in metalworking fluids, set about planning and implementing an idea to capture a machining process, chip formation and the behavior of the metalworking fluid more precisely than ever before through photos and videos. The idea came about as part of a joint project with the renowned ETH Zurich.