Industry News for 09/2021

While a user may encounter several challenges when machining threads, asking five questions can aid in building the foundation for a successful application.
Fluid recycling is valuable. Companies can save up to 60 percent of the coolant concentrate by removing tramp oils and solids through filtration.
Medical mold manufacturers' product specifications require exact tolerances, absolute precision, and sophisticated tool paths. Multi-axis CNC machine technology is helping these companies reach these lofty specification goals.
Advanced tool holders with precision coolant improve cost-efficiency in steel turning.
Keeping up with technology advances means keeping CNC equipment up-to-date, which allows injection molding companies to accept jobs that they might ordinarily have to decline.
Branding for Gorilla Mill, a manufacturer of carbide drills, endmills and cutting tools, is simian-themed, aggressive and fun, and it comes with the tagline “Weapons of Mass Production.” The company has grown in employees, distributors and a diverse spread of customers. ANCA's CNC machines have played a large role in Gorilla Mill's progress.