Industry News for 07/2021

The Seco Assistant app.
Laser printed data matrix codes can track ten billion tools that in turn can generate huge amount of insight into how our products are used.
Industry 4.0 technology uptake is still low among manufacturers, according to recent research.
Sandvik Coromant's CoroPlus MachiningInsights platform is an expansion of the company’s CoroPlus suite of connectivity software. The platform gives manufacturers greater visibility of CNC machine tools and machining processes, and to provide the tools needed to analyze, identify, and eliminate common sources of downtime and inefficiency.
Big Kaiser uses a multicomponent dynamometer from Kistler to carry out objective comparison tests on cutting tools.
In the cutting tool and toolholder industry, one of the reasons for Big Kaiser's success is its adherence to quality control -- in part by using measurement technology from Kistler to benchmark cutting tools.
The global pandemic has impacted businesses around the world, but for Aiguisatek, a Canada-based sharpening service, the impact was compounded by stringent local regulation in the Quebec province that all but shut down manufacturing in the area. Automation technology solved these challenges.
Choosing the “right” drill normally means a tool that perform for longer and produce better quality holes, particularly in tough materials.
Choosing the right tools, and determining the right tool calculations, is vital to overcome diversification challenges and developing new revenue streams.
Photochemical etching produces intricate parts with low tolerances.
Micrometal's photochemical etching process enables ultraprecise contours to take shape and produces metal parts with unique features and a greater level of complexity.