Industry News for 11/2020

The VHM mills from the new Inovatools ta-C range for aluminum machining are ideally matched to their applications and milling strategies in terms of substrate, geometry and coating.
A new line of aluminum tools from Inovatools utilizes the ta-C thin-layered coating that the company says makes the process of machining aluminum and its alloys more productive and cost-effective.
Flex-Hone with coolant.
With new advances in abrasive technology, machining center operators are able to complete surface finishing simultaneously with other machining operations, to speed cycle times, improve quality and save on off-line finishing time and costs. The abrasive finishing tools can be easily integrated into CNC machines carousels or tool holding systems.
US drag racing team wins races, and earns 9001:2015 accreditation with Sandvik Coromant tools.
Don Schumacher Motorsports (DSM) is one of the country’s most successful motorsports companies, both on and off the track. Tooling from Sandvik Coromant helped the company achieve some impressive goals.
The GROB G44OTS-axis universal machining center.
Railway machine tool builder needed a robust 5-axis machine to ensure uptime, accuracy, and precision in cutter tool manufacturing
Reshoring Initiative's goal is to bring 5 million jobs back to the U.S.
Since the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers have dealt with supply chain issues. In this Q&A, two industry leaders discuss the pandemic, the supply-chain and bringing manufacturing back to U.S. shores.
The 9170A rotating 4-component dynamometer from Kistler, with stator for data transmission, is clamped into the machine spindle ready to operate. Photo: EMUGE-FRANKEN / the Kistler Group
At Emuge-Franken, manufacturers of threading, gaging, clamping and milling technology, sensors and dynamometers from Kistler are used to aid in the development of new precision tools.
Studer measures grind with lasers
Grinding jobs requires strict tolerances. On grinding machines, the tolerances for the dimensions, form and position of finishing processes run tight, and in many cases, shops check these specifications against hard data. Studer machines can use cameras and laser systems to in-process measurements.