Industry News for 02/2019

Global machinery production revenue to reach $1.6 trillion in 2022
The market performance of the machine tool sector is highly dependent on commodity prices, macroeconomic conditions and sector performance (e.g., automotive, construction, aerospace, and ship building). According to IHS Markit Economy and Country Risk (ECR) information, a global recession is highly unlikely to occur in 2019. However, due to weaker global trade, pollical uncertainties, and other headwinds, global machine tools production revenue will only begin to improve late in 2020 or early in 2021.
New interactive 'smart manufacturing' blog
To address the often-vexing questions about Industry 4.0, there is a new smart Manufacturing blog named Ask the Machine Whisperer? This blog is intended to educate the manufacturing community about all things DNC, machine monitoring and IT networking. The blog is interactive, as there is a dedicated page where readers get to ask their own questions of Steven “the Machine Whisperer” Anderson.
Mike Siegel/The Seattle Times
Boeing Co. has begun a sweeping transformation of its quality system, including the use of smart tools and automation. It also will eliminate thousands of quality checks because they are no longer necessary. The company told its union that it will cut about 450 quality inspector positions this year and potentially a similar number next year.
Crain's Detroit Business
Micro-Laser Assisted Machining Technologies Inc. makes laser-based tools to improve machining for ceramics, silicon and metal. The lasers generate heat of about 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit at a tiny point a tenth the width of a human hair, softening the target, greatly reducing cutting time and decreasing cutting tool wear.
10 effective cost-saving tips for manufacturers
When it comes to cost-saving techniques, many manufacturers instinctively look toward making cuts; this could mean anything from laying off employees to pulling back on new technology. However, these methods can bring down morale and quash innovation, which allows competitors to get ahead.
New centerless grinder keeps pace with demanding production schedule
With words like quality, innovation and superior service defining this global manufacturer, it was only natural that the company would seek a partner with equally high standards when it came time to source its new centerless grinder.
Plex Systems Inc.
Avon Machining LLC in Shelby Township, Michigan, needed enterprise resource planning that would integrate seamlessly across manufacturing operations and provide easier access to real-time information. The company decided to implement ERP from Plex Systems Inc.
EU Automation
Manufacturing is in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, and constant plant floor changes are forcing companies to keep up with the rapid pace or risk becoming lost and falling behind.
Master Fluid Solutions purchases new machining center
Master Fluid Solutions continues its commitment to its customers across the globe with the announcement of its new precision machining center. Known worldwide for its TRIM, long-lasting, premium-performance and aerospace-approved metalworking fluids, Master Fluids Solutions continues to invest in the development of state-of-the-art cutting and grinding fluids to surpass their worldwide customers’ ever-increasing needs for more efficient metalworking fluids that deliver exactly what is needed directly to the point of cut.
CNC Machines chooses its first Veteran to Machinist scholarship recipient
CNC Machines announced that it has chosen Kevin Bruffet of Orlando, Florida, as the recipient of its first-ever Veteran to Machinist scholarship. CNC Machines, a Florida-based used CNC machine dealer, established the veteran-exclusive scholarship program late last year as a means of supporting both the longevity of the American manufacturing industry and veterans returning to civilian life who want to start new careers.
Gabby Jones for The New York Times
Before dying at the age of 100 in December, James Galuppo, founder and owner of Etna Tool & Die Corp., urged his only child, Flavia, not to sell the company headquarters. She might have considered that a significant sacrifice. New condos surround the building, 42-44 Bond St., a chic block in Manhattan. A triplex is going for $13.5 million in one of them. Another condo is home to Chuck Close and Warren Beatty.
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The United States had as many people working in the manufacturing sector in December as 69 years earlier. The 32,000 positions added in that month took the number of jobs in manufacturing to 12.84 million. In November 1949, there were 12.88 million manufacturing workers at the end of a sharp recession. But the economy in 1949 was unlike that of the U.S. in 2019. Then, some 30 percent of American civilian workers outside the farm sector were in manufacturing. Now, that percentage stands at just 8.5, about as low as ever.
AXYZ International announces rebrand to AXYZ Automation Group
AXYZ International, a leading global manufacturer of CNC machines and CNC knife systems, announced the launch of a new brand identity and logo. AXYZ Automation Group is now the official name that represents all three of their brand identities: AXYZ, WARDJet and
From January to November 2018, the Institute for Supply Management reported that Buffalo, New York's Purchasing Managers' Index was consistently higher than the national PMI, averaging 72.4, which was more than 10 points above the national average. With a long history as a manufacturing hub and recent growth, it's not surprising that there are many great manufacturing jobs available in the community. Moreover, the types of jobs advertised are changing. Instead of traditional manufacturing positions, employers are hiring for roles like machinist and programmer, which usually offer higher wages and better advancement opportunities.
Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG
Today, the WMF Group, which was founded in 1853 as Metallwarenfabrik Straub & Schweizer and has been part of the French SEB Group since 2016, represents the best in cooking, drinking and dining. More than 2,200 employees at the Geislingen headquarters and the nearby Hayingen plant alone are engaged in the development and production of high-quality cookware and cooking knives.