BENZ offering discount to move inventory before move, expansion

February 03, 2016 - 06:00pm

BENZ Inc., Charlotte, N.C., today announced it will be holding a Heavy Metal Sale to commemorate the company’s upcoming expansion and relocation from Charlotte to Hickory, N.C. During the promotional period through Feb. 19, BENZ will offer 25 percent off select live tools, Solidifx Modular Quick Change Systems and angle heads.

Following the Heavy Metal Sale, BENZ will be relocating from Charlotte, N.C., to a new 10,0000-sq.-ft. facility at 1095 6th Street, Court SE, in Hickory, N.C.

"Machining tools are metal, heavy and expensive to move," explained John Roasa, national sales manager, BENZ Inc. "The BENZ Heavy Metal Sale is intended to help us reduce our current tool inventory to make our move to our new Hickory facility easier, while also helping our customers save money on BENZ’s innovative machining tools."

The move from Charlotte to Hickory will enable BENZ to expand its operations, and store even more inventory for quick delivery to the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The new Hickory facility also will house an extensive service department designed for diagnostic testing on BENZ tooling.


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