ATLATL Software offers 12-week visual commerce program

May 30, 2020 - 08:15pm
ATLATL Software

CHARLESTON, South Carolina. // Fast-track companies are redeploying capex in quarters two and three in favor of a 12-step visual commerce program offered by ATLATL Software. While many companies are suffering from static selling processes, the 12-step Accelerator program directly addresses how businesses can expedite selling online and generate revenue rapidly.

With sales teams grounded, lead generating events canceled, and consumers confined to homes, businesses require effective digital storefronts to keep them operational in the short-term and highly-profitable in the near-term.

ATLATL’s Accelerator program means companies redeploy CAPEX marketing budgets with digital selling initiatives. No longer attending trade shows and conferences, those line item sales and marketing budgets are reallocated to visual commerce. One dozen companies will be allowed to participate in the Accelerator program starting this month.

According to Chris Beaudin, Director of Marketing for ATLATL, “We understand the immediate sales urgency. With investments previously ear-marked for physical sales efforts going unspent due to COVID-19, the Accelerator reallocates these investments to the online experiences buyers crave, producing almost immediate results.”

“We devised the Accelerator market solution specifically for these turbulent times,” shared Justin Scott, the newly appointed CEO of ATLATL. Scott has experience in building a company during uncertain economic times. He was key in growing Zillow during the 2008 recession. He added, “The dozen companies which enroll in the Accelerator program this month will start experiencing a rapid 2020 ROI.”


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