The insert of the Supermini Type 105 system requires only one tool holder for well over 1,000 insert variants. This applies equally to left-hand and right-hand versions. The carbide inserts are available in coated and uncoated versions in different grades for every application including hard machining up to 66 HRC. The patented droplet shape of the cross-section has a vibration-damping effect and delivers excellent repeatability when changing the insert. Internal coolant supply to the insert increases tool life, enhances cutting performance and improves chip removal.

Feed Rate Calculator Web App

The Feed Rate Calculator web app – the first in range of smart tools being developed by the team at Productive Machines - empowers manufacturers to make fast decisions about the use of untested milling processes and to obtain accurate forecasts of cutting forces expected on the cutting tool, thus unlocking significant cost and time savings time.

CA115P/CA125P Next-Gen CVD Coated Carbide

A key advantage of the CA115P/CA125P series is its expansive lineup of chipbreaker options covering everything from finishing to roughing, ensuring optimal performance and productivity across numerous applications. Kyocera is also introducing the new PMG chipbreaker design for optimal medium to roughing efficiency with lower resistance and protection against chip entanglement when machining steel.