Deburring Tools & Equipment

Second Generation of MAX System

Today’s MAX System introduces the latest innovation known as Focused Deburring. These multi-axis machines feature up to four 1- to 5-axis heads or towers, which can process simultaneously or in sequence within a single working environment. This ability allows the machines to perform multiple operations on many edges and surfaces of a part at the same time. For example, a single MAX System can remove a protruding burr from an 8” spur gear, create a precision .060” chamfer on both sides of the same gear, and wash the part within 30 seconds.

Deburr any crosshole with ORBITOOL

The ORBITOOL® deburring tool enables fast and consistent deburring of crossholes and blind intersections. The protective disk ensures that deburring only occurs at the edge of intersection without damage to adjacent surfaces. The flexible shaft allows the cutter head to follow the contour of any complex and irregular surface. It may be used both manually and/or in an automated CNC process. Most deburring requirements are achievable and repeatable with the ORBITOOL, whether the application calls for a light edge break, or a blended radius. J.W.

FlexJet HD

The highly flexible and efficient high-pressure water jet deburring system enables deburring and cleaning with a water pressure of around 500 bar in one work step. The rotary table integrated in the treatment chamber of the new system with pneumatic connections for automatic workpiece clamping devices is designed for components with a diameter of up to 450 mm and a maximum height of 550 mm. The maximum workpiece weight including the clamping device is 100 kg. These dimensions make it possible to handle, for example, an engine block for a four- cylinder engine or several small parts. The water jet generated in the high- pressure unit with a pressure of up to 500 bar is passed through a four-way nozzle system with automatic nozzle switch.