Coolant Filtration Equipment

Flex B and Flex C Modular Coolant Filtration Systems

The Flex B and Flex C join Jorgensen’s existing Flex G gravity filter version. Flex B provides the same flow rates as Flex G – 30, 60 and 90 gpm – and filtration down to 10 microns for most applications. As its main filtration method, bag filters make the Flex B a cost-effective method for coolant and cutting fluid filtration and ideal for CNC machine tool applications involving either single machines or centralized coolant systems.


FlexFiltration systems efficiently remove fine chips and grinding sludge to achieve coolant clarity down to 10 microns or less. They are especially well suited for challenging applications involving materials ranging from cast iron, steel and aluminum to composites and plastics.

Abanaki Oil Boss Oil Skimmer

This Abanaki Corp. video demonstrates how the company’s Oil Boss oil skimmer provides cost savings by removing unwanted tramp oil and prolonging the life of the coolant. The patent-pending Oil Boss is designed for CNC machines that offer passive tramp oil removal. This high-capacity unit constantly removes and discharges unwanted oil from the coolant.

Coolants & Lubricants: Zebra Skimmers demonstration

As one of two CTE video supplements to the "Foil Tramp Oil" cover story in the February 2022 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine, the Zebra Skimmers Corp. provided a 2-minute presentation focused on installing the company's ZVA8-08 Sidewinder tube skimmer with its magnetic base plate add-on.

For an additional CTE video supplement to the February cover story, which was provided by the Abanaki Corp., click here.

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