Control Systems

Electrak LL

Key to the Electrak LL’s long-life architecture is a brushless motor, a high-load ball screw assembly, a brake solution that does not wear, and IP69K (static) and IP66 (dynamic) compliant sealing. This combination enables duty cycles of up to 100 percent, up to 600 km of travel life, and up to one million cycles – more than ten times that of electromechanical actuators without these features. The new configuration options for the Electrak LL augment its industry leading durability with advanced control, integration, higher voltage and higher speed options.

CNC Auto-Cut Cut-Off Machine

Designed for cutting tool manufacturers and carbide rod processors, this production machine can significantly increase your production rate for cutting carbide and hardened steel rod when compared with manual cut-off machines. It's easy-to-use CNC controls and touch screen operator interface allow for quickly setting parameters in preparation for hours of unattended operation.


The OSP-P500 is fully equipped with Digital Twin Technology, a technology that enables high-precision machining simulations to be created on a computer, while also providing real-time data feedback loops from the operational machine tool to the simulating computer. This feature allows operators to utilize real-time data to mirror exact machine tool functions and behaviors to optimize performance. 

PNOZmulti 2 and PNOZ m C0

The extremely narrow PNOZ m C0 has the structural properties of a safety relay but is as powerful as a configurable safety controller. It provides eight safe inputs and four safe semiconductor outputs at a width of just 22.5 mm. Up to four safety functions can be reliably monitored. These include E-STOP, safety gates, safety light curtains and two-hand control. Also on this standalone base unit, all safety circuits are created via the intuitive software tool PNOZmulti Configurator, the basic version of which is free of license costs and available on the Pilz website.

Machine Tending Solutions

Through flexible connectivity via Ethernet and easy programming through the Direct Robot Control (DRC) feature of Mitsubishi Electric´s M8 Series, machine tending can benefit customers that may not have experienced robot programmers available. In addition to DRC, almost any CNC machine can be connected to a shop floor via discrete I/O for non-M8 CNC controls from Mitsubishi Electric and other companies. Further support is available through Mitsubishi Electric trained engineers to service both robot and CNC. Additionally, Mitsubishi Electric Automation offers a 5-year robot maintenance and warranty program.

Robotmaster 2024

Robotmaster 2024 is designed for users who need to program multiple robots to perform a variety of processes within the same cell environment. The ability to program multiple robots enhances the programming workflow and gives the user a single view of the entire system to review the workspace for collisions. In addition, users can now leverage Robotmaster’s powerful programming capabilities and unmatched optimization strategies to shorten cycle times and increase output in multi-robot cell environments.

MC3603 Motion Controller

The MC3603 which owing to its compact size is ideal for integration in equipment manufacturing and medical technology applications. With 36 V and 3 A (peak current 9 A), the new Motion Controller covers the medium power range up to approx. 100 W. It is suitable for "normal" DC-motors with encoder, brushless drives and linear motors. The I/O options and encoder interfaces are the same as the rest of the product family.

Linear Actuator L

The Linear Actuator FAULHABER L product family is designed for high performances in compact dimensions, it supports large input speed or high output force. It is well-suited for a wide range of applications like robotics, industrial machines and laboratory equipment. A large number of reduction ratios, uniformly distributed, are available to select the most appropriate configuration to fit various force or speed operating points as required by the application.