Chamfering Tools

Westec 2023 Booth Visit with BIG DAISHOWA

Michael Herman, vice president sales for BIG DAISHOWA Inc., discussed a special promotion for the company’s fine boring kit, which features the EWN2-152 fine boring head from BIG KAISER is said to enable manufacturing precise bores with guaranteed precision of .00005". The set comes with dedicated accessories such as a boring bar, screw-in insert holders, and 2 inserts to cover Ø.701"-2.126".

Westec 2023 Booth Visit with ARCH Cutting Tools

ARCH Cutting Tools highlighted its RECON360 service program at its booth during Westec 2023 in Long Beach, California. Just over a year old, RECON360 offers to:

  • restore solid round tools and indexable cutting tool bodies to OEM or new condition,
  • braze new carbide, CBN, PCD or ceramic edges on inserts and round tools,
  • reapply coating to tools,
  • regrind worn areas on inserts and solid round cutting tools,
  • resize inserts or solid round tools.

HGV Water Plug Machining Tool

The tool’s CERATIZIT R84 fine boring indexable inserts feature a brand new reaming geometry specifically designed for exceptional hole finishing. The new positive geometry generates extremely low cutting forces and includes a new chip breaker that improves chip control. All of which allows for higher feed speeds while at the same time producing a better surface quality. Plus, the new inserts provide a much longer tool life as compared to their predecessors.

Pneumatic Hand Chamfering Tool

For proper material preparation The KBC Pneumatic Hand Chamfering Tool allows you to remove burrs easily and quickly to create a uniform edge with repeatable accuracy up to almost 1mm depth, prepare metal for welding jobs and clean them up after, and a host of other needs in the machine shop or on site.  The bearing runs along the edge of the surface while two carbide inserts chamfer the edge for smooth results.  (Replacement standard triangular tip carbide inserts, TCMT-09T3, are available.)