SigmaNEST 24 Suite

SigmaNEST 24 has expanded the Task Dialog to provide greater situational awareness to the NC programmer for handling multiple projects at one time. Within the Task Window, users can create and load jobs, access workspace task reports and apply new commands to multiple tasks. Users can also monitor key statistics such as sheet consumption and scrap percentages. Beta users have reported that the new Task Window cuts programming to a small fraction of the time needed to program each job individually.

HxGN Production Machining

The HxGN Production Machining suite will integrate common workflows to help teams reduce error and eliminate redundant tasks at every stage, from job quotation and design review through production, quality assurance, and product delivery. By offering a suite of connected products from the Hexagon ecosystem, manufacturers benefit from simplified procurement, implementation, and support. The suite’s flexibility makes it suitable for shops of any size, all types of CNC machinery, and any discrete part and material from one-off prototype to high-volume production runs.

HxGN Mould and Die Suite

The suite supports shops in fully utilizing advanced machine tools, using trusted Hexagon VISI and WORKNC software to help programmers optimise machining cycles and specialised cutting strategies specific to mould production. Prior to machining, CNC programs can be simulated and verified using NCSIMUL, the suite’s G-code simulation software, which incorporates the entire machining environment to generate an effective digital twin of the machinery, part, and processes.

2023.08 Software Components

For wireframe 5-axis machining with sphere mills, users can now define which part of the tool is in contact with the drive curve. For example, cutting with the cylindrical part of the flute enables the tool to withstand greater forces and may be more suitable for cutting through certain materials. It can also help to prolong tool life. Cutting with the cylinder can also allow faster cutting speeds for applications that do not require high precision. When high levels of accuracy are needed, users can choose to cut with the tip of the tool.

EdgeLine Bevel Module

The EdgeLine Bevel technology offers several key advantages over traditional methods that allow specific beveling techniques to be performed without tilting the laser head, reducing overall processing time, and eliminating the need for separate work center processes. The technology also has a significant impact on the preparation of components for welding techniques by enabling the automatic insertion of chamfers and countersinks of various sizes up to 45°, providing a faster and more efficient process with fewer errors compared to traditional manual methods.

EasyNest Online

EasyNest Online software works automatically while allowing users to manage specific situations, guiding them in order to guarantee smooth program execution. Users can create a ready-to-cut nest and generate NC code for tool paths in minutes and without any training. EasyNest Online is available through the password protected application interface. All application-generated data is securely stored in the cloud and accessed globally with a connected device.

HyperMILL 2023 CAD/CAM Software Suite

For easy programming of recurring shapes with a single click, hyperMILL 2023 has a new General Transformation Pattern feature. The new feature uses a selected reference geometry and searches for the same reference in all other models regardless of its spatial orientation, creating a general transformation pattern including associated frames. This is highly useful when there are multiple components.

Robotmaster Plugin

The Robotmaster plugin for Mastercam supports Mastercam 2023, the current release, as well as Mastercam 2021 and 2022. And while the new plugin streamlines robotic programming for Mastercam customers, those looking for a standalone solution can simply rely on Robotmaster's integrated CAD/CAM functionality. The software allows customers to import the CAD model for their part and generate toolpaths directly within Robotmaster without the need for separate CAD/CAM software.

AESUB Transparent

A spray with which workpiece dimensions and colour values can be digitised in one scan: AESUB transparent. The workpieces are sprayed uniformly with AESUB transparent from a distance of 15 to 20 centimetres. After just a few seconds, a matt, transparent layer is generated on the workpiece’s surface. In addition to capturing the surface contours, optical scanners can simultaneously capture the colour values of the object being measured. 

ModuleWorks 2022.12

For multi-axis subtractive machining, there is a new option to preview the automatically detected deburr edges before calculating the toolpath. Users can also include/exclude drive curves in/from the toolpath calculation to speed up programming. The rotary machining component now offers a floor finishing cycle to complete the ModuleWorks basic finishing portfolio of wall and floor finishing.