Boring Machines

J12/J/16 Jig Borer

The machines’ strong and durable structures provide table lateral movement accuracy of 2.5 µm or better. The Z-axis guide system is restrained on four sides to maximize rigidity and reliability, and dual ball screws ensure stable feed motion. For precision holemaking applications, XY interpolation enables the J12/J16 machines to carry out high-precision contouring by utilizing an end mill instead of a boring tool, eliminating the need to manually adjust a boring tool to accurately finish the hole diameter avoiding bottlenecks. Pitch accuracy is within 5 µm even for large-pitch holes.

DeHoff 3060 Single-Axis Boring Machine

The DeHoff 3060 has a single spindle with a maximum boring capacity of 3 inches (76.2 mm) and a maximum boring depth of 60 inches (1524 mm). To meet the rigorous material removal requirements, the cutting tool is powered by a 40 horsepower spindle motor with a 4-speed gearbox. A totally custom workpiece loading and fixturing system was designed specifically for the customer’s unique part. The machine features Beckhoff CNC controls with G-Code programming capability.

“Finally! The worlds first automatically adjustable fine boring head”

Rigibore’s ActiveEdge Apex revolutionises fine boring, operating as a fully integrated, closed-loop solution to automatically compensate as the tool wears. Set and maintain critical tolerances, remove scrap and maximise productivity through this industry 4.0 ready solution.

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