Boring Bars

Adjustable Damped Boring Bar

The exact adjustment of the damper, made of a carbide rod supported in O-rings, is made from the outside via an adjustment screw. Adjustment is achieved by fine-tuning the pre-tension of the O-rings. This allows the boring bar to be precisely set according to the vibration occurring in each application. As standard, Horn offers the tools from stock in the length/diameter ratios 5 x diameter and 8 x diameter.


The CBN-tipped mini boring bars feature BX310 uncoated CBN grade that increases the grade’s wear resistance when used at low to medium cutting speeds, making it perfect for machining small bores from as small as 2.8 millimeter (.110 inch) diameter of hardened steel parts.

Set up boring bars for success

ARCH Cutting Tools offers a video overview of its Patriot high-performance boring bars, which offer tunable internal damping technology to deliver optimal dynamic stability and yield significant increases in machining performance. Additionally, you can leave Stealth Tooling “CFT” in the machine and use it for deep or shallow bore applications, thus reducing changeover and setup time.

Accure∙tec Anti-Vibration A3000 Boring Bar

Available in lengths of 6, 8, and 10 x Dc and boring bar diameters of 1.25, 1.50, and 2.00 in. (32, 40, and 50 mm) with additional sizes and lengths available on request. Capto C6, C8 connections along with HSK100T connections are also offered as standards. The new boring bars feature compact, robust QuadFit precision quick-change exchangeable heads which boost versatility and decrease downtime.