iglide TX2

The tribo plain bearings made of high-strength filament fabric are used where very high loads occur. The extremely strong filament in its specially interwoven design ensures maximum resistance and enables a maximum permissible compressive strength of 400 MPa. The newly developed material was extensively tested on the indoor and outdoor test rigs in the 3,800 square-meter igus test laboratory. 

BearingStar 90

Due to the extremely short auxiliary process time of 0.9 seconds, the BearingStar 90 is currently able to achieve the quickest roller bearings finish processing in the world. The floor to floor time can be a sensational 3.5 seconds under the conditions of a direct link with an upstream grinding machine, for example, a deep groove ball bearing of an outer and inner ring Type 625. Furthermore the changeover time between two good parts can be reduced to less than 20 minutes. The new fast runner for mass production can even be flexibly converted from radial to axial bearing rings and from ball bearing to roller bearing processing.

PIglide A-688 Rotary Air Bearing

Air-bearings have no rolling or sliding elements and deliver frictionless, non-contact motion, resulting in negligible reversal error, better flatness, and minimal wobble and eccentricity. All these are ideal prerequisites for applications such as inspection and metrology, calibration, and scanning of high-end parts (i.e., infrared and precision optics, turbine blades, shafts and bearings) in industries like aerospace, aircraft, automotive, semiconductors, and photonics.

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