GT 342 Automatic Magazine Bar Feeder

The GT 342 enables machining of bars from 0.12” to 1.73” (3-44 mm) and can guide bars from 32” (800 mm) to 12’.6” (3810 mm) in length.  The new toolless channel design allows for partial changeovers of under 2 minutes with full changeover times of less than 7 minutes.  Once unlocked, the lower channels simply slide out while the upper channel remains the same for the entire bar diameter range.

TRACER 12' Minibar Hydrodynamic Magazine Bar Feeder

The new TRACER 12' Minibar hydrodynamic magazine bar feeder from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies is engineered to feed bar stock diameters from 0.8mm to 12mm and up to 12' in length. The economical and efficient TRACER 12' Minibar feeder provides a solution for manufacturers with fixed headstock and Swiss-type CNC lathes who need to feed large quantities of small-diameter bar stock efficiently.

GT 112-E Automatic Magazine Bar Feeder

The new GT 112-E automatic magazine bar feeder from LNS is suitable for sliding headstock machines running unattended or lights-out production using small bar stock with diameters from 0.8 mm to 11 mm (12.7 mm with bar preparation). A dual U-shaped guiding channel with a patented sectional guiding channel cover, combined with a self-centering bar clamping system matches the entire diameter range of the lathe.

Express 220 S2 Bar Feeder

The LNS Express 220 S2 automatic, magazine bar feeder faultlessly loads 12’ long bars with diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm and, with bar preparation, up to 26 mm to accommodate 20 mm machines with 26 mm bar capacity. The enhanced bar feeder uses a simple loading assistance design for small diameter bars with a proprietary, automatic loading mechanism and bar selection system to precisely and consistently load small bars, especially in the 2 mm to 4 mm diameter range, without failure, according to the company.