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Save time and money by reducing your design time and deep hole drilling! They allow a single circuit to feed up to a dozen individually sequenced devices. These valves install directly into the device port and can be individually adjusted to time your clamps.
From Vektek LLC, the TuffLink 360 degree adjustable link clamp provides full rotational lever positioning around a mounting flange.
William Leventon
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Confirming that your parts are properly supported and ready for clamping has never been easier and more reliable. Be confident your part is safe and secure every time with Vektek’s latest Part Present Sensing Work Support. To learn more, please enjoy this short instructional video.
This Vektek Inc. video shows how manufacturing is a relay race like no other during the tool loading and unloading.
During Eastec 2023, Kevin Swint, territory sales representative for VEKTEK, highlighted the company's new Auto-Coupler device for automating the hydraulic connection from the power supply to a workholding fixture, as well as VEKTEK's Advanced Automation Workholding Pump.

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