The company’s Tiger system has firmly established itself as the gold standard for cutting tool insert finishing, with installations in many of the world’s leading cutting tool insert manufacturers. The system can be configured to process inserts for all essential pre-coating, edge honing or post-coating operations.
Vapormatt Ltd. is launching a fully integrated modular wet blasting machine for edge honing and surface preparation of all types of round shank and solid cutting tools. The new Oncilla wet blast machine incorporates blast chamber, washing, drying, elutriation tower, control and robot handling units in a single compact, high-performance system.
Vapormatt has launched a new washing and drying machine, which is designed to both clean and dry wet blasted cemented carbide inserts at one station prior to coating.
Vapormatt has announced that its Sabre wet blasting machine has been installed at coating specialist Ionbond's demonstration centre in Switzerland.
Vapormatt launched a new system, the Vapormatt Sabre, which will bring the exceptional process quality of wet blasting to a wider range of users.