Supertec Machinery Inc.

Supertec Machinery introduces the Mini Genie CNC cylindrical grinder to the North American market. The Mini Genie is designed for shops with limited floor space in mind. With a total footprint of only 78” x 78” (43 sq. ft.) and its high precision performance this grinder is ideal for any shop.
Supertec introduces three sizes of jig grinders covering a full range of capability. Models offered include the pictured JG-510M (20” x 12” x 4” x 13” X,Y,Z,W), the JG-1270CM (47” x 27” x 4” x 16”) and the JG-1010G (39” x 39” x 10” x 16”), a double-column style.
Supertec Machinery announces the expansion of its ID Grinder Line with the introduction of the new ID-300CNC and ID-300NC ID Grinders.