Simonds Saw has announced the launch of SBX-One, a new bandsaw blade product for the structural steel market. SBX-One marks a significant development for the global structural steel market.
Simonds Saw has announced hat its European partner, WESPA, has introduced the ability to produce instant "blade-to-machine" data transfer of machine-specific cutting parameters for its Individual Performance Cutting (IPC) custom bandsaw blades program. This instant data transfer technology directly supports the Industry 4.0 concept.
Simonds Saw introduces QUAD 7 carbide-tipped bandsaw blades for demanding production cutting operations, such as steel service centers, foundries and aerospace sawing applications. QUAD 7 blades are suitable for alloy; high chrome alloy; Inconel and other nickel-based alloys; titanium block and plate; stainless steels; and mold, tool and bearing…
Simonds Saw has introduced CWT carbide-tipped bandsaw blades for demanding production cutting operations such as in steel service centers, foundries and aerospace sawing applications. CWT blades are suitable for sawing aluminum block, aluminum gates and risers, aluminum automation (Mossner), Inconel and nickel-based alloys.
Simonds Saw has introduced a bandsaw blade designed to provide low vibration and high efficiency cutting of steel grating applications. The new BITEC PLUS blade, manufactured by Simonds’ partner WESPA in Germany, features a wide band in a variety of widths from 1.25” to 2.0”, which provides maximum beam strength for higher blade tension and…
Simonds Saw, Fitchburg, Mass., recently reintroduced two bi-metal band saw blade lines that combine new features with advanced manufacturing methods that reportedly increase cutting rates in production metal sawing applications by up to 20 percent, according to a Feb. 5 company news release.
Simonds International has introduced SnapShot, the latest addition to its Cutting Intelligence arsenal, a suite of analysis tools designed to help manufacturers identify savings opportunities.
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Saw manufacturer Simonds Saw LLC named David Miles president. Miles will succeed Ray Martino, who will continue to serve as CEO of Simonds Saw and as president and CEO of Simonds International.