Schütte now sells its PC multiple-spindle automatics. Often, manufacturers need automatics that have greater capabilities. These include the machining of nonferrous metal or steel, a combination of heavy roughing and accuracy, simple programming combined with versatility and a single machine that performs several production processes. The answer…
Schütte sells the SCX multiple-spindle automatic lathe. In today’s industrial production, more complex workpieces are being produced in smaller batch sizes and shorter life cycles. To remain competitive, manufacturers have to react quickly and flexibly to market requirements.
Sch&uuml;tte announces the introduction of its new 325<em>linear </em>machine, a 5-axis CNC grinder with extended X- and Y-axis movement plus two auxiliary slides for workpiece clamping and improved grinding wheel guidance over the entire machining envelope.
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Alan Richter
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Thomas Simmich, Schütte LLC's group leader for global medical market sales, is interviewed at IMTS 2016 by Bernard & Company, an industrial advertising and public relations agency. Simmich discusses the company's new 325 linear grinder with collaborative robot integration.
Justin Smith, an application engineer for Schütte Corp., shows off the newest developments of Schütte’s 335 Linear CNC tool grinding machine.

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Schütte LLC, Jackson, Mich., appointed Jeffrey Reinert CEO for North American operations.

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