The Jenoptik Industrial Metrology division offers a fully automated measuring station, which can be operated directly by staff on the production line. The HOMMEL-ETAMIC wavemove combines high-precision roughness and contour measurement technology with innovative CNC technology and eight fully automatic CNC axes to measure both roughness and…
Jenoptik offers JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM, a laser robot system for 3D metalcutting of chassis components for the automotive industry. Compared to conventional machining methods, the noncontact laser process minimizes machining times by eliminating the setup time and also reduces the costs associated with tool wear.
The Hommel-Etamic Toposcan is a system used for measuring the surface of cylinder bores larger then 60mm in diameter. The Toposcan is capable of automatically measuring the size of porosity and blow holes, stroke reversal radius, laser pocket structures, roughness of bore walls, torn and folded metal and cross-hatch angles. It can be used either…
Jenoptik Automotive says it introduced the Hommel-Etamic AG380 pneumatic snap gage to quickly, cost-effectively, and flexibly check a range of different diameters (from 17-48 mm), providing measurements with consistent high levels of precision. Manufacturers previously had to constantly invest in new diameter-specific pneumatic snap gages when…
From Jenoptik Industrial Metrology comes a crankshaft journal surface finish gage that greatly reduces the time required to collect and assess measurement data of virtually any crankshaft, any of its journals.
Matthew Jaster
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