Creaform announced the release of HandySCAN Aeropack, a 3D scanning solution suite that addresses the specific challenges of aircraft quality control, such as assessing damage from hailstorms or aircraft incidents, as well as flap and spoiler inspections. The HandySCAN Aeropack can also be used for reverse engineering, maintenance and repair…
Creaform launched a thoroughly reengineered Go!SCAN 3D: the Go!SCAN SPARK. This third-generation version of Creaform’s patented professional-grade Go!SCAN 3D portable 3D scanner has been specifically designed for product development professionals who need the most efficient portable scanner to capture 3D data of physical objects—anywhere.
Creaform launched a thoroughly reengineered and refined update to the HandySCAN 3D: the HandySCAN BLACK. This is the third-generation version of Creaform’s patented metrology-grade scanner.
Michael C. Anderson
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The portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arm-free probing system HandyPROBE and the C-Track dual-camera sensor form a unique duo that generates high accuracy measurements and increases the reliability and speed of the measurement process.

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Lévis, Québec, September 25, 2018—Creaform, a specialist in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, announced today the opening of a new office in Barcelona, Spain.