Highly versatile, the Electric 2 Speed Pencil Engraver from C.H. Hanson features a solid stainless steel body with an ergonomic rubber finger grip to provide added comfort and ease of use. Thanks to its unique design, this multipurpose hand-held engraving instrument is an exceptionally lightweight, slender and superbly balanced device.
The Hansco-Mark micro percussion marking machine MP150i from C.H. Hanson is a reliable and production-ready, standalone marking machine. No extra PC computer is needed for operation, and the built-in computer has memory too store more than 30,000 marking files.

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C.H. Hanson Co., one of the nation’s oldest manufacturers, has acquired the assets of Pearson Industries Inc., a manufacturer of ventilators and ventilation accessories.
C.H. Hanson announced changes to its sales management structure and personnel.