The advantage of these covers is that a small range of sizes will fit snugly over a wide range of both imperial and metric tool sizes.  Use Beckett Packaging Protective Tool Covers to protect and organize your cutting tools while in storage at your workspace, in your tool drawers, chests or cabinets. 
MOCAP is proud to announce we have expanded our offerings within the insert box series of products. The addition of many new sizes and styles of insert boxes will be used to further develop the ever-expanding Beckett Packaging division, which manufactures a full line of packaging for the cutting tool industry.
Beckett Packaging offers a full line of Grip-Paks. Grip-Paks are individual packaging for endmills, drills, solid-carbide tools and other cutting tools.
Beckett Packaging manufactures and stocks a full range of Round Telescopic Plastic Tubes. Durable, reusable and resistant to moisture, this packaging will allow for storage of various tool lengths.