Both bundles include API's Radian Plus Laser Tracker, which is known for its high accuracy and long-range measurement capabilities. Also available are API’s vProbe, a high-precision, non-contact measurement probe that is ideal for use in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas or iScan3D, a high-speed handheld scanner with flexible probe…
9D LADAR’s accurate data collection of production measurements represent the next generation dimensional inspection solution. 9D LADAR captures both dimensional and surface geometry data targeted at automotive, aerospace, and transportation manufacturing industries.
iScan3D, with integral process controller, connects with API’s Radian Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) Laser Tracker to accurately monitor scanner position and deliver high accuracy measuring and scanning. iScan3D completely negates user inconveniences associated with Articulating Arm scanners: operator fatigue, arm gymnastics, part access issues,…
API Services’ ISO 17025-accredited laser tracker calibration facilities provide OEM factory calibration of laser trackers at its Newport News, Virginia; Rockville, Maryland; and Plymouth, Michigan, facilities. In 2019, API calibrated more than 200 laser trackers. A special program of advanced scheduling minimizes tracker customer downtime and an…
API has announced the launch of its laser tracker rental program. The program allows manufacturers to gain access to API’s benchmark Radian laser tracker to perform specific measurements, alignments and calibration tasks or overcome periods of bottleneck for its own portable measurement equipment. API trackers can be rented daily, weekly, monthly…
The API Swivelcheck instrument measures and calibrates machine tool rotary axes, tilt tables and pendulum axes. Swivelcheck utilizes a servo-driven motor in conjunction with an electronic level and precision rotary encoder to measure multiple parameters in a single setup.
API has introduced its 6DoF vProbe, a hand-held tactile probing system, for use with its portable RADIAN Pro and Plus Laser Tracker range, extending their dimensional measurements capabilities to perform part inspections conventionally performed by large fixed coordinate measuring machines.
Laser measurement technology company, API, announces the launch of a laser tracker-based industrial robot performance and calibration solution. The API Robot Measurement Solution (RMS) provides the complete toolkit necessary to verify robot accuracy to the ISO 9283 standard, allowing on-site, in-situ, robot performance verification and enhanced…
API’s updated series of Radian laser trackers includes three models: Radian Core, Radian Plus and Radian Pro.
Automated Precision Inc. has introduced the OT2 Core wireless laser tracker that utilizes wireless and controller-free laser tracker technology.
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API Services, Rockville, Maryland, one of North America’s largest nationwide providers of on-site metrology and laser tracker rental services has launched a recertified laser tracker operation. API Services is a wholly owned division of Automated Precision Inc. (API) whose CEO, Kam Lau, invented the laser tracker. The API Radian laser tracker…
API Services has added coordinate measuring machine calibration to its portfolio of machine tool, industrial robot and laser tracker calibration services. API offers both a standard CMM certification and a premium CMM calibration service to original OEM CMM specifications.
API and Kadan Consultants have announced their partnership to make API’s Radian Laser Tracker series ready for distribution and metrology services to expand coverage to underserved West Coast industries.