The bar material, which has an ASTM classification of Grade 1, is provided in the soft annealed and quenched condition in 3 to 7-meter lengths (9.84 feet – 22.96 feet) with an outer diameter of 3 to 9 inches (76.2 to 228.6 mm). OD tolerances are +/-0.8, according to ASTM B637.
A high-strength alloy with minimum 40% nickel content, Sanicro 825 has excellent corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis, superior resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and good corrosion resistance to phosphoric, nitric, sulfuric, and organic acids, seawater, caustic chloride alkalis and ammoniac media.
Sandvik Materials Technology offers Sanmac, a stainless steel material that can significantly increase machining rates. Year on year Sandvik Research & Development has applied and tested process improvements upgrading the melt of Sanmac material. The result is the introduction of new generation Sanmac, a dedicated stainless steel material…
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