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Author Dennis Spaeth
September 02, 2020 - 11:00am

With the cancellation of this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show, web-based video reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of new cutting tools and machines will take center stage throughout the industry. Fortunately for our audience, Cutting Tool Engineering has been building just such a video library for over a decade.

Just since IMTS 2018, in fact, we’ve published hundreds of product demos and how-to videos that are as relevant today as the day they were posted. Now, of course, we’ve picked up the pace as cutting tool companies and machine builders seek an audience for the video demos they’ve produced themselves.

Cutting Tool Engineering has been building a library of videos demonstrating the effectiveness of new cutting tools and machines for over a decade. Our catalog is ready for viewing at

If you are among those who have viewed our videos more than 2 million times, thank you. And please tell your co-workers.

If you weren’t aware that we have a huge library of videos, I apologize for not doing a better job of getting the word out. Marketing the videos as a virtual learning experience never seemed all that urgent — that is, until the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic came along.

So, without further ado, here’s all it takes to view CTE video reports:

Visit and click the “Video Reports” link in our primary navigation bar. From there, you can click on the most recent video reports or look for other videos by using our video category, product category or video type drop-down search menus.

Or, if you prefer to search for a particular company, visit our Buyers Guide online and search the listings alphabetically. Once you locate the company, click the company name to view its full Buyers Guide listing, which includes company-related links to any product news briefs, industry news items, feature articles and columns, video reports and people and company items.

Another option is to use our keyword search field in the upper right portion of our website. Type in a phrase or a company name to narrow your search. Results include relevant content from all CTE content areas, including video reports.

No special software or app is necessary to view any of our content. If you have a smartphone, you can easily view CTE video reports. If that screen is too small, use a desktop computer, a tablet computer or a smart TV. All work just fine.

If you can’t find a video demonstration of a particular cutting tool or machine, please let me know, and I’ll do what I can to get one posted.

Meanwhile, stay healthy.    




Dennis, who served as electronic media editor at Cutting Tool Engineering from January 2007 through May 2018, is now the owner and publisher of the magazine and CTE Publications Inc. Dennis holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northern Illinois University, and has more than 40 years of media experience.