Video Reports

As a pioneer in the industry, Tungaloy has three decades of know-how developing the most efficient solutions for High-Feed Milling. Feed the speed with Tungaloy!
Watch a Cobotics Corner demonstration that helped increase productivity by 43% using a Universal Robots UR10e arm with a Robotiq dual parallel servogripper on a 2018 Haas VF-2SS CNC machine, according to Fusion OEM.
This full slot milling demonstration from Sandvik Coromant focuses on pitch selection for maximum metal removal.
CTE and the RobbJack Corporation in November 2020 presented a webinar titled, "Tips to Improve Performance by 500% When Machining Medical Parts." Presented by Mike MacArthur, RobbJack's vice president of engineering, the webinar examines new cutting technologies and strategies that solve many of the difficulties experienced by shops machining many materials specific to medical machining, including cobalt-chrome, titanium, stainless steel, PEEK and many others.
Video demonstrates WTX-HFDS Solid Carbide Drills with applications including grey cast iron with spheroidal graphite and at tolerances of H7.
You are looking for a powerful, flexible, reliable, and rigid tool and cutter grinding machine with an easy-to-use control and a variety of available options, including part loading and tool changing automation.
Abrasive Technology Inc. discusses how superabrasive grinding wheels and tools with electroplated bonds are able to maintain tight-tolerance forms, provide freer cutting, and hold form or profile from the first cut to the last. In addition, the tools can be stripped and replated.
With Kyocera Precision Tools Inc.’s new insert, blade and tool block designs, users can achieve rigid, safe and secure cutoff operations thanks to the clamping mechanisms of the KPK series. The insert clamp design is said to enable fast replacement of inserts and reduce downtime.
Tungaloy America Inc. demonstrates the hard turning capabilities of its T-CBN, AH8000 and LX11 insert grades in a two-minute video that runs through a series of turning operations. The video also provides recommendations for which insert grades to use for continuous, light interrupted and heavy interrupted turning applications.
OSG USA Inc. focuses on its AE-VML long flute, anti-vibration carbide endmill in a detailed video replete with cutting demonstrations captured during a live event. The report is one of several "live" videos produced for OSG's YouTube channel that are intended to demonstrate new tools and answer customer questions.
Nachi America Inc. (Cutting Tools) features the Aqua Revo Oil Hole Drill series in a brief video that offers an overview of the endmill's oil-hole geometry, material and coating. Designed for shops that require high-efficiency machining, the Aqua Revo drill series reportedly will improve productivity and reduce costs. 
ARCH Cutting Tools, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, recently visited with Quality Machine & Repair Inc., Hartville, Ohio, to learn more about the company's decision to use Patriot High Performance™ endmills for a small run of complex parts made of a flame-hardened 4140 steel with a crust in the 50 Rockwell range. The company ordered 16 endmills for the job, but only needed two.