Video Reports

This three-minute video from Walther Trowal explains and demonstrates the company's vibratory mass finishing technology.
A Dormer-branded tool designed for stainless steel is the Force M drill, which has a micrograin carbide substrate and a multilayer TiAlN coating. The drill has an S-shape, modified four-facet, split-point geometry to reduce cutting pressure with honed corners and cutting edges so they do not chip when starting a hole.
Schwanog’s PWP broaching system reportedly can produce internal and external shapes, such as serrations, splines, hexagons and keyways, on CNC lathes with a c-axis. The system includes an insert ground to create the desired shape, a retaining screw and a steel toolholder.
A study by engineers at Purdue University and University of California, Irvine, found that the toughness of a diabolical ironclad beetle lies in its two armorlike elytra that meet at a line, or suture, running the length of the abdomen.
Millstar’s EIV5 series revitalizes conventional practices for modern machine shops. The EIV5 provides a unique combination of radial grind, variable helix, variable pitch and radius preparation for maximum versatility and surgical precision.
OSG USA Inc. announces the release of the HY-Pro Carb VGM endmill series. VGM endmills feature variable geometry for dynamic milling of steel and stainless steel.
Marposs provides a full range of top-quality, innovative solutions for real-time tool and process monitoring and detection of machine conditions to improve machine efficiency, deliver higher quality and reduce costs.
CGTech Inc.’s Vericut Force extends cutting tool life by using a manufacturer’s recommended cutting parameters to optimize NC programs, keeping chip thickness maximized and constant.
Every minute that a CNC machine sits idle while being tooled up for the next job costs money. Bluco Corp.’s modular fixturing solutions get machines back up and running in less than half the time it takes to manually set up a job.
After a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Grinding Doc video series on Cutting Tool Engineering's website resumes with a special two-hour episode about Cylindrical Master 2020, an Excel program developed by Dr. Jeffrey Badger, aka The Grinding Doc.
Jeffrey Badger, Ph.D., aka The Grinding Doc, offers a light-hearted quick overview of "The Book of Grinding," which he published for shop employees who want to educate themselves about grinding. Watch the 104th episode of the Grinding Doc video series.
Dr. Jeffrey Badger provides a simple, if not pretty, solution to a nasty cylindrical grinding problem — when the side of a grinding wheel meets a flat surface. Watch the 103rd episode of the Grinding Doc video series.