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Hundreds of U.S. manufacturing companies ask President Biden to terminate Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs.
Cycle 32 TOLERANCE and the ADP function of the TNC result in perfect molds, thanks to a milling machine that has been perfectly tuned to the respective machining scenario.
Many TNC functions of Heidenhain controls offer possible solutions to the conflicting demands of a production process that is simultaneously precise and efficient. Here is a look at some of those functions.
Unlike cutting tool manufacturers who produce the same product, the same SKUs, year after year, engineer-to-order cutting tool manufacturers are constantly managing revisions to meet the custom, one-of-a-kind demands of customers.
For most manufacturers, inventory management plays a big role in how effectively they run their business. But when it comes to managing inventory, most manufacturers fall short. These 10 rules can help plan for better inventory control.

The Grindstar profile and cut-off machine.
The Weifuautocam Precision Machinery Corporation from Wuxi, China is using a Grindstar profile and cut-off machine from Junker for the production of adjusting screws for high-pressure hydraulic pumps. Weifuautocam, a part of the Weifu Group, began collaborating with Junker in 2000.
Recycled carbide Seco Tools
Seco Tools plans to make a strong contribution to the circular economy with an ambitious recycling goal while at the same time continuing to make reliable tooling.
Kent Industrial USA Inc.
After surviving a tornado, TDC Engineering rebuilds with a new equipment supplier, Kent USA.

A new hands-free door opener includes self-lubricating, long-lasting components from igus. (Photo courtesy of MYT Wares)
igus components help New York designer create easy-to-install hands-free door opener.
The ultimate accuracy and reliability of a machine tool depends in no small degree on the alignment checking during its assembly. Seeking an alternative to traditional error measurement techniques, Hurco Manufacturing Ltd. (Hurco) chose Renishaw’s XK10 alignment laser system to increase both precision and throughput of its machine tools..

Precision, quality, total cost of ownership, guaranteed 95% uptime are all competitive advantages for Starrag’s manufacturing technologies.
The Schaller Group, a Michigan-based metal forming company, invested in CNC technology to drive growth in the family-owned company and support the company principle's passion for hydroplane racing.
Boulevard Machine & Gear, a gear-cutting shop founded in 1954 to serve the paper industry in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, began a period of modernization and investment with the 2006 acquisition of the company by Susan Kasa. Kasa’s focus was to grow the company and become more efficient. One issue of concern dealt with completing certain machining jobs with conventional side-lock and collet holders. To solve this problem, the company invested in a Haimer Power Clamp Special Edition shrink fit machine, Haimer Standard Shrink chucks, Haimer Power Shrink chucks and extensions.
Aluminum, with its many advantageous properties, is used in a wide spectrum of industries to manufacture a vast, and growing, range of products. As the use of aluminum is so varied, so are its' traceability requirements.
Unlike machining other materials, machining stainless steel requires review of myriad aspects prior to beginning work in the machine shop. While machining stainless has unique challenges, its benefits outweigh those challenges.
Xebec brushes made from ceramic fiber.
Deburring and finishing are still predominantly manual processes for many manufacturers and job shops. However, the results can be inefficient and inconsistent. Automating these processes can solve these problems.
Machining medical components cost-effectively and reliably requires high-precision tools that have been tested in practice to meet specifications that often reaches the micron level. Tool manufacturer, Inovatools, offers the Inomed range of tools for this application.

Starrag, a manufacturer of CNC metalworking machinery and Amorphology, a developer of advanced amorphous metals, established a laboratory where customers of both companies can observe real-time precision engineering and machining of complex gears using amorphous metals.

Integrity Saw & Tool is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, on the edge of Lake Winnebago
Wisconsin-based Integrity Saw & Tool Inc. purchased a Vollmer CHX 840 circular saw blade sharpening machine with the Vollmer HS automated loading station to increase capacity to meet the demand from a new pallet manufacturing customer.
With Sandvik Coromant’s Machining Insights, CNC machines can transmit information in higher volumes through an Ethernet connection.
Fewer than 30% of manufacturers have extensively adopted Industry 4.0 technologies, according to findings published in a new report, but manufacturers’ reluctance to go digital might have to change if they are to adapt to an unpredictable future. Sandvik Coromant's testing finds that an increase in machine utilization can result in a higher gross profit margin.
Continued job losses and lost business can be expected if the Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum are allowed to continue, according to a manufacturing coalition.
Technoset UK specializes in manufacturing highly complex, precision machined components for the aerospace market. After investing in production equipment, the company recently invested in a Vicivision laser-scanning machine.