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Fastems calculates its carbon footprint.
Through calculating its carbon handprint and footprint, Fastems has taken its first steps towards understanding how automation enables more sustainable product development and how to reduce the company’s environmental impact. 
8 great ways to improve manufacturing and grow sales
Today’s manufacturing customers expect fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery of quality parts with every job. Achieving these outcomes requires a variety of capabilities called the “Great 8 of Manufacturing.”
The new LK AlteraM 25.15.12 bridge CMM was installed at the Bath factory of Horstman.
Part of the RENK group, Horstman is a manufacturer and global supplier of suspension systems for heavily armored and tracked vehicles. It also produces safety-critical engineering components allied to its core products for the sub-sea and aerospace industries. Because of the critical nature of its products, the company has invested in new CMM technology.
Video: Efficient machining of connecting rods with the SATURN double surface grinding machine.
Linamar Powertrain GmbH produces connecting rods with extreme efficiency, and consistently fulfills the OEM‘s quality requirements. With its quick retooling feature, the Saturn double-surface grinding machine from Junker is not only flexible but also an economical and reliable solution for the precision production of diverse connecting rods.
Manufacturers have embraced multi-channel commerce models to offer customers more freedom of choice.
In 2018, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) predicted that manufacturers would turn increasingly to eCommerce to improve their processes — following examples set by Amazon, Tesla and Uber. This may seem outlandish, but a leading hydraulics manufacturer designed and acquired a tool in just ten days, with Sandvik Coromant’s eCommerce platform.
While some of this momentum comes from COVID-19 pandemic-related shortages and shutdowns and supply chain back-ups; in the long-term reshoring has the potential to save U.S. manufacturers critical production time, reduce transportation costs and could better support just-in-time production by reducing capital tied up in stock.
How simultaneous high-current and high-frequency have positioned the ANCA EDG as the benchmark for PCD manufacture.
Holemaking is critical to the quality and performance of aerospace components, and arguably more important than ever in the era of COVID-19.
When drilling holes in most aerospace components, manufacturers have three chances of getting the hole correct — after which, it will be impossible to rework the hole within the required design specifications.
Customers to benefit from close collaboration with Seco Tools
Through collaborative partnerships with customers and their partners, Seco Tools monitors trends and identifies challenges, developing the knowledge required to overcome the industry’s most demanding issues. Putting customers at the heart of research and development (R&D) has paid rich dividends for Seco Tools in terms of identifying and developing new products and solutions that can help change the face of manufacturing around the world.
SAC194 - ST - The value of upgrading - 1
Now is the time for machine shops to embrace a new generation of tooling solutions to tackle steel ISO P turning challenges and make their production more efficient and productive.
PRAB Guardian coolant recycling system
For metalworking operations looking to cut expenses, recycling cutting fluids is an avenue worth exploring. 
ZYGO caught up with Dr. Mark Malburg of Digital Metrology and Carl Musolff of Musolff Consulting to discuss how to get the most out of surface parameters. Their years of front-line experience provide valuable insight into precision manufacturing processes, and why choosing the right type of metrology, and examining the correct parameters, are critical to controlling the manufacturing process.
Selecting a grade to cater to ISO P steel
A common misconception in the metalworking industry is that machining steel is simple. Experienced machinists know that turning ISO P steel is anything but simple. First, among many concerns is the breadth of materials in ISO P classification that range from ductile low-carbon steels to high-alloyed.
Get lean and fit with ERP
How does ERP turn an overweight, inefficient manufacturing business into a lean, fit, and supercharged manufacturing machine?
The World Robotics 2021 Industrial Robots report shows a record of 3 million industrial robots operating in factories around the world – an increase of 10%.
More than 40 years ago, the indexable insert drill changed the way machinists make holes. It continues to do so today.
From Rene 41, 718 stainless steel and 625 Inconel to titanium and carbon fiber, the materials used in the aerospace and defense industry sector as well as space exploration continue to present significant toolholding challenges. A toolholder can tackle these challenges.
Minority-owned Preco Manufacturing achieves superior finishes for aerospace applications while overcoming V-flange CNC milling problems via JM Performance Products’ high-torque retention knobs.
Power skiving for electric vehicles
Manufacturers can achieve 90% machine use reduction with power skiving.
For manufacturers looking to reduce setup times, increase machine usage time and improve the dimensional accuracy of the finished workpieces, touch probes can offer great advantages.