Steven Baier promoted at Haimer USA LLC

February 06,2019 - 04:00pm
Steven Baier

Steven Baier, previously the National Sales Manager for HAIMER USA, has been promoted to Vice President of Sales. “Working for a family company with the highest standards in both quality and ethics is what I enjoy most about working at HAIMER USA,” described Baier. “Every employee at HAIMER is treated as family. We all have a great team attitude, which allows us to tackle any project with success.”

With over 15 years of experience, Baier is not new to the industry or the responsibilities. Prior to HAIMER, Baier was the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for 12 years at a company in the industry. From there, Baier joined the HAIMER USA team as the National Sales Manager.

Besides a newly expanded facility and continuously expanding product line, HAIMER USA has seen tremendous success, especially in recent years. In 2018, HAIMER USA saw a tremendous sales increase compared to 2017. “Thanks to Steven’s diligent work and leadership, he has been an instrumental part of our growth and success,” said Brendt Holden, President of HAIMER USA.  “He is certainly well deserved of this promotion.”

In his new role, Baier will manage, maintain and expand sales in the United States and Canada and is in charge of about 15 salesmen. At HAIMER USA’s North American Headquarters in Villa Park, Ill., Baier will continue to host and train distributors on HAIMER products and services so that they can represent the HAIMER brand according to the philosophy: Quality Wins.

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