Industry News for 11/2018

Full throttle towards a common language for machine tools
umati (universal machine tool interface) moves one step ahead towards becoming a generally accepted standard. VDW, the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association and the OPC Foundation establish a so-called joint working group. Interested parties are cordially invited to participate with immediate effect.
Russ Hubbard - Creating Unique Environments in Portland, OR
Many headlines today allude to a skills gap in manufacturing, referring to a lack of skilled labor needed to fill rapidly expanding employment opportunities in the manufacturing industry. After all, U.S. manufacturing added 327,000 jobs in the past year, pushing the industry to its best annual job gain in more than 20 years. When manufacturing companies collaborate with schools to show students that manufacturing is not just a viable career path but a rewarding and lucrative one as well, we all benefit.
The manpowered shop floor of the past is being replaced by smart manufacturing facilities where tech-savvy workers, aided by intelligent robots, are creating the products and services of the future. As Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise approaches 2019, it's looking ahead to the trends that will define intelligent manufacturing, as well as help empower clients to better evaluate and manage operations, build innovative products and services and grow manufacturing businesses.
Disordered materials could be hardest, most heat-tolerant carbides
Materials scientists at Duke University and UC San Diego have discovered a new class of carbides expected to be among the hardest materials with the highest melting points in existence. Made from inexpensive metals, the new materials may soon find use in a wide range of industries from machinery and hardware to aerospace.
Back in black
Since 2006, sales of vinyl records have been increasing steadily. No one is happier than Pheenix Alpha. Working from its original 20th century blueprints for a vinyl record press, the company is starting to manufacture an updated version of the press with 21st century bells and whistles.
“Nation longs for one more day with dying manufacturing sector.” That headline, published in 2014 by the satirical website The Onion, anticipated both President Donald Trump’s fears and the retorts he gets from his critics. He campaigned on a promise to bring back jobs in manufacturing after decades of decline. To people who see the future of the U.S. economy in services, these promises seemed backward. When he was head of the National Economic Council, Gary Cohn reportedly asked Trump which he would prefer: sitting in a nice air-conditioned office or standing on his feet all day. In 2018, it looks as if the president is winning the day.
Benefits of variable spindle speed controls when grinding
Precision grinding results in the material removal of metals of all kinds and crystalline materials of all kinds, i.e. glass, quartz, ceramic, ferrite, abrasives, stone and other materials that cannot be machined with conventional cutting tools. These materials are too hard, abrasive, and require dimensions, tolerances and surface finishes otherwise not achieved easily or cost effectively with any other method.
How automation can help small manufacturers beat the giants
Sometimes manufacturing can feel like a battle between David and Goliath. But in the era of automation, think Industry 4.0, manufacturers are discovering the advantages to being smaller. Automation technology has leveled the playing field and now smaller means nimble, niche and, for the first time, heading in the same direction as the big guys.
A fact sheet by the National Immigration Forum focuses on immigrants in the U.S. manufacturing sector, highlighting key information about their demographics, incomes and contributions.
Nataly Greiner
Modern manufacturing is a diverse, inclusive community, embracing and supporting the creativity that each person can bring to build something bigger than an individual. Many manufacturers are setting great examples of what the future of the workplace will look like and of what other firms should aspire to achieve. Learn the five key themes that manufacturing companies are addressing to take their diversity and inclusion work to the next level.
Reduction of emissions through form honing
The future development impetus of the internal combustion engine will focus on the reduction of emissions. This is dependent on fuel consumption, which in turn is determined by the internal engine friction. The goal of form honing is a form optimized cylinder bore under operating conditions.
Watchmaker manufactures small parts with a high-precision machine tool
Exclusive watches - “made in Australia?” Absolutely, thanks to Nicholas Hacko, a talented watchmaker who opened a small factory making high-quality timepieces in Sydney a few years ago. To be flexible and competitive, he invested in a high-precision 5-axis machining center from Kern Microtechnik, enabling him to reliably produce the micron-accurate parts, which are the basis for his business today.
Predictive maintenance to improve asset efficiency
Equipment manufacturers, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies, and power and process plant owners and operators commonly face the challenge of keeping their fleet, machinery, and other assets working efficiently, while also reducing the cost of maintenance and time-sensitive repairs. Considering the aggressive time-to-market required for industrial products and services, it is crucial to identify the cause of potential faults or failures before they have an opportunity to occur. Emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, big data analytics and cloud data storage are enabling more vehicles, industrial equipment and assembly robots to send condition-based data to a centralized server, making fault detection easier, more practical and more direct.
Olis Robotics joins NASA effort to develop more sustainable space exploration
Olis Robotics, a leader in next-generation remote robotics software, announced its selection as a subcontractor by Tethers Unlimited as part of the NASA FabLab prototype project. The FabLab will be used on missions aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to demonstrate orbital recycling and reuse capabilities by providing on-demand manufacturing of mission-critical parts. It’s a first step toward on-demand orbital manufacturing through reclamation, recycling and 3D metal and plastics printing.
'Poly–poly–or what?' third part – hard turning
We are in part three of our article series “Poly–poly–or what?” The series looks back at the time between autumn 1974 and the Hanover Trade Show in the spring of 1975. Dealing with this new cutting material “polycrystalline diamonds” (PCD) was fascinating for all of us; after the presentation at the first Hanover Trade Show in 1973, each day brought new insights for production and for different applications.
Swiss toolmaker achieves efficiency gains through automation
Fraisa SA is a family-owned business that offers its customers a complete range of endmills, drills and taps. The toolmaker provides a full customer service offering with logistics, specials, regrinding and recycling of tools. With its headquarters in Bellach, Switzerland, Fraisa has a strong position in Europe and entered the U.S. and Chinese markets in the last 10 years.
Batteryless smart devices closer to reality
Researchers at the University of Waterloo have taken a huge step towards making smart devices that do not use batteries or require charging.
Bosch Rexroth
Many parents undervalue manufacturing as a career for their children. However, when parents were told about the financial benefits of jobs in manufacturing, they said they would encourage their children to explore the field.
Caterpillar Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.'s E4Life program partners with public schools in Peoria, Illinois, to provide hands-on manufacturing experience to high school students with a focus on innovation. Prior to the implementation of this program, Caterpillar spent time with students and potential participants to find out what barriers stand between them and the workforce.