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MultiTHREAD Thread Mills feature a proprietary TIN T21 coating developed by EMUGE, which reduces chip welding and improves chip evacuation. MultiTHREAD Thread Mills also allow one tool to thread both through and blind holes and make right or left-hand threads. Two types of sub-micro grain carbide thread mills are offered – full form or single…
The TOP-Cut VAR line is now available in 4,5, and 6-flute configurations, with or without corner radius, and ball nose, stub, standard and long lengths in inch sizes, over 300 SKU’s in total. In addition, EMUGE-FRANKEN USA can provide custom variations or tool modifications of TOP-Cut VAR mills.  
Go and No-Go Ring Gages are manufactured with hardened tool steel for exceptional durability and feature a fully knurled circumference for maximum gripping ability and safety. No-Go gages are clearly marked with a red ring. UNC and UNF gages have a 2A tolerance. UNC gages are available in 19 sizes from #2-56 to 2-4 ½ and UNF gages are available in…
The 172-page catalog, brimming with hundreds of new products, specifications, technical materials, cutting data, drawings and images is available free in print by request at www.emuge.com/media-resources/order-brochures-catalogs, or via an online interactive version on the EMUGE-FRANKEN N.A. website: www.emuge.com. 
TiNox-Cut End Mills are made from premium ultra-fine micro grain solid carbide with a maximized transverse rupture strength for high impact applications, and produce impressive results compared to conventional end mills. Advanced PVD-applied multi-layered coatings withstand excessive heat and provide superb wear resistance for longer tool life,…
The Micro End Mills feature a patented neck design with up to 10x diameter, enabling reach into deep contours. For optimal machining performance, a high radial bending strength withstands alternating stress on the cutting edge and relieved neck. The new Emuge end mills offer High Speed Cutting finishing of 2D and 3D contours, and are offered in…
The EMUGE A-H family of taps is the best solution for tapping extremely abrasive materials and those materials with elevated hardness levels, such as cast iron, common in the heavy equipment and agricultural vehicle markets. EMUGE A-H Taps are now available with or without coolant through holes and with TiCN coating, or NT nitride surface…
Emuge Corp. has introduced Innoform–Steel-M, a line of HSSE-PM taps for forming threads with improved surface quality, while increasing static and dynamic thread strength, in medium strength steels up to 44 HRC.
Emuge Corp. has expanded its line of FPC milling/drilling chucks products to include Slim Line models that are designed to enhance 5-axis machining productivity and versatility. Available in the 1/8" to 9/16" (2 mm to 14 mm) size range (FPC14), the compact, slim design with tapered shape enables easier access to the work, especially in…
Emuge Corp. has introduced advanced Threads-all ZGF-S-Cut solid-carbide thread mills featuring multiple teeth, a helical flute form and multiple-layer TiAlN T46 coating. The new ZGF-S-Cut thread mills increase tool life over 10 times more than conventional tools and produce precise threads in exotic materials including Inconels, nickel-based…
Emuge Corp. has introduced an advanced line of endmills featuring unique geometry designed specifically for the high-performance machining of turbine and bladed components. New Emuge Turbine End Mills offer unprecedented cycle time reductions and long tool life in challenging forms and materials, including titanium, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys…
Emuge Corp. has introduced its patented Punch Tap Line in North America. The Emuge Punch Tap is for helical thread forming in cast and wrought aluminum alloys and similar lightweight materials. Emuge Punch Taps provide a new, shortened tool path process for producing internal threads in under half a second, resulting in significantly less energy…
Emuge Corp. has announced its thread making tool quality is available in a Self-Lock integrated locking system. Emuge Self-Lock threading tools offer a high-quality alternative in thread locking for vital safety applications in a variety of industries.
Emuge Corp. has announced the launch of a carbide step drill program that features new drill–chamfer tools available from stock in real-time online at www.emuge.com/products/drills/ef-c-drills. Users can quickly and easily select from a full range of stock sizes, including the ability to order customized lengths available in less than 4 weeks.
Emuge Corp. has introduced a new line of solid-carbide endmills with geometry and chipbreakers designed specifically for trochoidal milling. Emuge’s new Trochoidal endmills provide increased metal-removal rates of more than 30 percent, fewer toolpaths and longer tool life, while enabling a high axial depth of cut of up to 4XD. The Trochoidal…
Emuge Corp. has announced the expansion of its MultiTAP line, high-performance taps designed to cut a range of materials, including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze. With 87 new SKUs, the Emuge MultiTAP line comprises an expansive offering of both regular and extended-length spiral-point…
Emuge Corp. announced it has expanded its EF-Series of high-penetration rate drills with a new line of submicrograin carbide coolant-fed microdrills. The EF high-performance microdrills range from 0.0295 in. (0.75 mm) up to 0.1181 in. (3.0 mm) in diameter, are all coolant through design, and are ideal for aerospace, medical and precision…
Emuge Corp. has introduced Cut & Form solid-carbide finishing endmills that feature a patented tool geometry that performs two functions: cutting and polishing in one operation, generating significant manufacturing time and cost savings.
Emuge Corp. has introduced tool grinding and reconditioning services based out of the company’s North American headquarters in West Boylston, Mass. A clean, new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Emuge is now equipped with the latest technology CNC grinding machines and inspection equipment, providing tool reconditioning for U.S. and…
Emuge Corp. has introduced “circle-segment” cutters, a class of endmills designed to reportedly enable substantially more material removal with fewer passes in 5-Axis machining, over 80 percent cycle time reductions and up to 50 percent smoother surface finishes.
Emuge Corp., in partnership with Albrecht Precision Chucks, has introduced Emuge FPC mill/drill chucks that reportedly provide unprecedented rigidity, vibration damping, concentricity, machining speed and tool life versus conventional chuck technologies for milling and drilling applications.
Emuge Corp., West Boylston, Mass., a manufacturer of taps, thread mills, toolholders, clamping devices and other rotary cutting tools, today announced the expansion of its patented Softsynchro® tap holder line, adding two new holder sizes. Constructed from precision-ground body and shank sections, Softsynchro's patented design is said to…
Emuge Corp. offers an extensive line of high-performance solid-carbide endmills for applications ranging from universal milling to aerospace and high hardness machining. The endmills, branded Emuge-Franken, are the result of extensive R&D and incorporate the latest in endmill technology, geometry and coatings and are designed to outperform…
Emuge Corp. announced the North American debut of an extensive line of high performance solid-carbide drills to further enhance its broad range of taps and threading tools.
Emuge Corp. offers an expanded line of solid-carbide thread mills in its THREADS-ALL program, to include new 3XD sizes designed for maximum reach.
Emuge Corp. introduced a new solid-carbide Turbine end mills program for milling turbine blades, impellers, blisks and other complex 5-Axis components.
Emuge Corp. is introducing a comprehensive line of high-performance tools for threading demanding alloyed titanium materials.
Emuge Corp. has introduced the SPEEDSYNCHRO tool holder, which features an integrated transmission of 1:4.412 for optimizing thread production on CNC machines with synchronous spindles.
Emuge Corp. announced a comprehensive line of high-performance tools for threading demanding nickel/superalloy materials to 46 HRC.
Emuge Corp. announced they are introducing a new tap program, Z-Taps, an extensive line of taps featuring design and engineering that make them ideal for stainless steels, high strength alloys, tool steels and cast steels less than or equal to 30 HRC.
Emuge Corp. announced the introduction of an extensive, expanded thread milling program for oil and gas manufacturing applications, including a new line of solid carbide thread mills and insert thread milling systems.
Emuge Corp. has introduced a comprehensive line of precision fixed limit that are manufactured to ANSI/ASME B1.2 (Unified Inch) and ANSI/ASME B1.16M (Metric M) standards.
Emuge Corp. has announced the introduction of MultiTAP-Form, a high-performance forming tap designed to deliver performance increases in a wide range of materials including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze.
Emuge Corp. has introduced a series of tool holders with variable exchangeable transfer elements and length adjustment screws.
Emuge Corp. has introduced Top Cut, a new series of high performance carbide end mills.
Emuge Corp. has introduced the KSN5 and KSN6 Softsynchro tap holders.
Emuge Corp. has introduced a line of NPT Taper Pipe Taps that features a newly developed flute form with variable skip tooth geometry.
Emuge Corp. introduced a tap with superb chip-breaking capabilities that is ideally designed for machining applications in the energy and related industries.
Emuge Corp. has introduced a new line of High Performance JIS Taps for tapping applications at companies manufacturing products with Japanese-specified standards.
Emuge Corp. announced they offer new High Productivity Cutting (HPC) End Mills designed to address a broader range of applications.
Emuge Corp. announced the introduction of TiNox-Cut, a new series of end mills specifically developed to provide exceptional tool life when machining challenging materials.
Emuge Corp. has announced the introduction of MultiTAP, a tap to cut a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze.
At Emuge-Franken, manufacturers of threading, gaging, clamping and milling technology, sensors and dynamometers from Kistler are used to aid in the development of new precision tools.
Auto parts manufacturer SB Dezigns in North East, Maryland, has implemented a new end mill and chuck solution that helped them save 62% in costs on a recent application.
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Emuge Corporation’s Marlon Blandon talks up the company's newest threadmilling product, the ZGF-S-Cut that features a left-hand helix on the flute. Take a look.
Cutting Tool Engineering Owner/Publisher Dennis Spaeth walked the aisles at EASTEC 2019 with his trusty camera in hand. Take a look at some of the highlights captured along the way.

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WEST BOYLSTON, MA U.S.A. – Emuge Corp., a manufacturer of taps, drills, end mills and other rotary tools, has appointed Ms. Shannon Filippelli as Marketing Manager, effective April 1, 2019.
Emuge Corp. has announced the appointment of Scott Lowe as national accounts manager for the U.S. and Canada. In his new position, Lowe is responsible for developing and managing channel partner relations with key customers, distributors and integrated suppliers of Emuge products.
Scott Lowe is responsible for leading the company’s sales organization and growing market share.
Emuge Corp., West Boylston, Mass., recently named Dan Doiron its new milling products manager, which puts Doiron in charge of endmills, toolholders, technical and CAD/CAM program support for milling products, according to a recent company news release.
Emuge Corp. held a grand opening ceremony of its significantly expanded, custom-designed manufacturing facility in West Boylston, Massachusetts, on Oct. 15, 2019. Marking a 35-year presence in the U.S. along with increased growth in North America, the Emuge expansion includes more manufacturing and tool reconditioning space, the addition of a new…
Emuge Corp. announcing that moving forward the company brand name will be EMUGE-FRANKEN.
WEST BOYLSTON, MA U.S.A. (November 15, 2018) – Emuge Corp., a manufacturer of taps, drills, end mills and other rotary tools, has recently broken ground to build a 22,000 sq. ft. expansion project that will double the size of its U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility in West Boylston, Massachusetts.
Emuge Corp., a leading manufacturer of high performance taps, thread mills, drills, endmills and other rotary tools, and precision machine tools supplier Brooks Associates Inc. have announced a collaborative effort that expands their respective capabilities for customer training, machining demonstrations and applications testing.
Emuge-Franken USA and Grob Systems Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to provide advanced 5-axis solutions, expertise and support to customers.