Amacoil Inc.

Amacoil-Uhing Model RG linear drives now feature an option for fine adjustment of maximum travel distance. On the standard Amacoil-Uhing drive assembly, the end stops limiting travel distance are set by hand. With the new option, the end stops ride on threaded rods with control knobs on both ends.
Amacoil-Uhing Model RS drive nuts provide smooth backlash-free linear motion in machine design. Unlike a screw, the RS drive nut runs on a smooth shaft. This eliminates the potential for debris to become trapped in threads which could then clog or jam.
New from Amacoil/Uhing is the precision motion drive system. This is a Model RG rolling ring linear drive integrated with a motion controller for precision linear motion applications. The precision motion drive is fully programmable and meets application requirements for precision winding/spooling, pick-and-place machines, X-Y coordinate tool…
Amacoil/Uhing has introduced the Elasto-Ring washer for use with U-Clip quick release shaft collars.
Changing linear pitch on Uhing rolling ring linear drives is now fast and easy using a lever control option on the drive unit.
The Amacoil-Uhing Model RS drive nut provides smooth backlash-free linear motion in machine design.
Amacoil/Uhing has introduced a mechanical solution to spooling wire, cable and other materials onto spools having tapered flanges.
Amacoil-Uhing Model RG linear drive assemblies feature an option for fine adjustment of travel distance.
Amacoil-Uhing Model RG3 linear drives are now available with an option which doubles the drive's thrust capacity without significantly increasing the size of the unit.
Amacoil/Uhing has introduced Easylock shaft collars which hold reels, spools and other objects in place on shafts.
Amacoil/Uhing has announced a linear speed control option for Model RG rolling ring linear drives.
Amacoil/Uhing has introduced a new option for Uhing RG linear drives which enables extremely fine adjustment to the linear pitch of the drive unit.
Amacoil/Uhing has expanded its line of Model RS rolling ring linear drive nuts with the new RS8 drive.
Amacoil/Uhing has announced that their FA Flange Detection System has been reengineered for simpler operation and now utilizes laser sensor technology for expanded functionality.
To enhance the load carrying efficiency of Uhing traverse drives and to prevent them from slipping, Amacoil has announced the availability of a linear bearing slide load carrier.
Amacoil/Uhing has upgraded their large sizes of RG traverse drives by adding a 100-notch scale to the pitch adjustment control.
As a design alternative to screw-based linear drive systems, the Amacoil-Uhing Model RS4 drive nut provides backlash-free linear motion and simplifies changes to linear pitch.
Amacoil tech support personnel simplify selection of Uhing linear drives for customers by using a proprietary software program.