Accudyne Corp.

The EZ-Puller is an auto-adjusting bar puller that enables automatic operation of CNC lathes. The auto adjust feature is driven by an "X" value in the pulling subroutine of a lathe program. This value represents the distance the tool needs to move in the X-axis according to the bar diameter being pulled. 
Accudyne Products bar pullers, the EZ-Puller and the BigEZ, have a range of 0.093" to 1.750" and 1.625" to 3.00", respectively, and provide automatic bar stock advancement for CNC lathes.
Accudyne Corp.'s latest bar puller, called the BIG- EZ, has a range of 1.625" to 3.00".
Accudyne Corp. is introducing the EZ-PULLER. This self-adjusting bar puller is used in CNC turning centers to provide automatic operation of the machine.