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Nov 2015  
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Industry News Items

 Toolmaker wins 2014 Image Award

 MITGI a finalist for manufacturing award

 Strausak manufacturing returns to USA

 NTM named KOMET SERVICE partner

 MITGI hosts facility tour industry groups

Grinding software provides a fast way to program a new tool
The 5-axis software QG1 is Schneeberger’s tool grinding software and offers a fast way to program a new tool.
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Kellenberger VARIA is 'Swissness par excellence'
For 20 years now, the firm Kellenberger has been part of the Hardinge Grinding Group.
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Powerful die grinder offers a long life
The Bosch DG300LPD die grinder reportedly offers the combination of power and ergonomics to complete virtually any job in metal fabrication.
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Rare earth magnetic filtration for the metalworking industry
Flow Pro Products’ high strength rare earth magnetic filters deliver high performance filtration levels for minimally ferrous materials such as high speed steels, tool steels and carbides, and final metalworking processes for close tolerance component manufacturing.
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First roll grinder for cold mill rolls introduced
At the occasion of a customer day, Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik presented its new roll grinding machine type ultragrind 700 R.
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Superfilter 'talks' To Grinders
Author: CTE Staff
Published: December 2015

END USER: Haas Saw & Supply LLC, (330) 899-8644, www.haassaw.com. CHALLENGE: Effectively clean and cool grinding oil applied in latest-generation grinders. SOLUTION PROVIDER: Comat Technologies Inc., (571) 830-5793, www.comattechnologies.com. SOLUTION: A filtration and chiller system that directly communicates with grinding machines.
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Can Milling Compete With Grinding For Rapid Stock Removal?
Author: David Graham and Philip Varghese, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives
Published: September 2015

Many times in making parts for aerospace engines with high temperature alloys like IN-718, Rene-95 and Waspaloy it is necessary to remove large amounts of material. Traditionally companies use, milling, turning or broaching to remove most of the material and then finish-grind to size. The engineers at Norton/Saint-Gobainís Higgins Grinding Technology Center have determined that for these materials grinding can, in many instances, remove the material more quickly and economically than turning or milling.
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Effective Flute Grinding
Author: Kenneth Saucier, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives, and Paul Ehrlich, Walter United Grinding
Published: September 2015

Whether you are grinding HSS or Tungsten Carbide, the flute grinding process is the most difficult feature to grind in round tool manufacturing. Though there are many reasons why, the main reason is that this operation is where most material is being removed from the tool, introducing the most heat and spindle load. There are several techniques that can be used to allow the grinding wheel to perform this operation more effectively.
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Multirib Grinding Wheels
Author: Dr. Jeffrey Badger
Published: August 2015

A machinist who is cylindrical-grinding threads into hardened steel using multiple-rib, vitrified-bond, aluminum-oxide wheels is experiencing breakdown of the thread root, and turned to the Grinding Doc for help.
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Professional Profiles
Author: Evan Jones Thorne, Assistant Editor
Published: April 2015

When grinding complex cutting tool profiles, attention should be paid to the software, the wheel and the tool blank for best results.
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Coolant Strategy
How close do you need to get the coolant nozzle to the grinding wheel? Dr. Jeffrey Badger, the Ask the Grinding Doc columnist for Cutting Tool Engineering, offers some direction.
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Cup-wheel Grinding
For one shop, increasing wheel speed when cup-wheel grinding usually reduces wheel wear, but sometimes it increases wear. The shop turned to Grinding Doc Jeffrey Badger, Ph.D., for some insight.
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Dressing Versus Grinding Speed
A machinist wrote to Dr. Jeffrey Badger, our Ask the Grinding Doc columnist, because the 'old-timers' tell him he has to dress at the same wheel speed he uses to grind. Is this true, and, if so, why?
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Reducing Cycle Time
A shop surface grinding 12" x 36" plates has to remove 1/8" of material on both sides, but the cycle time is a killer. So the shop turned to the Grinding Doc for a way to reduce the cycle time.
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Switching To CBN?
Dr. Jeffrey Badger, Cutting Tool Engineering magazine's "Ask the Grinding Doc" columnist, offers a checklist for shops contemplating a switch from aluminum oxide to CBN wheels.
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