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Mar 2015  
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Industry News Items

 Toolmaker wins 2014 Image Award

 MITGI a finalist for manufacturing award

 Strausak manufacturing returns to USA

 NTM named KOMET SERVICE partner

 MITGI hosts facility tour industry groups

Mach-B now offers radius dressing
Mach-B Grinding Wheel Shaping & Resizing, a division of Goodson, announces that it offers radius dressing.
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Flexible toolholder is for automated tool grinding
The SCHUNK PRISMO3 tool grinding toolholder directly clamps every shank diameter between 3 mm and 20 mm without the use of collet chucks or sleeves.
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Improved bond introduced for making vitrified wheels
CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels introduced an improved bond used in manufacturing vitrified wheels for the surface grinding, cylindrical and centerless wheel categories.
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Belt grinders are ideal for all job shops
The versatile Palmgren family of belt grinders grinds, sands, finishes, polishes, deburrs and contours all types of parts on any kind of material.
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CNC measuring machine digitizes tools and production parts
With the new Helicheck 3D machine, Walter, a member of the United Grinding Group, introduces a CNC measuring machine for the complete digitization of tools and production parts, resulting in a 3D model that can be saved, processed, analyzed and measured.
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Roll Grinding To Finish Corners
Author: Tom Lipton
Published: January 2015

A technique I call roll grinding is used to finish corners to match bend radii. Long weld seams that need to be rounded can be handled using a rolling technique with the disc grinder. It takes a little practice, but once you’ve mastered it, the results look just like a formed corner.
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Testing: The Ups And Downs Of Wheel Performance When Creep-feed Grinding
Author: John R. Besse, Norton/Saint-Gobain
Published: July 2014

Results from testing aluminum-oxide vitrified-bond wheels and diamond wheels in three different bond systems show the proper diamond roll dresser design, application methods and wheel specification can help manufacturing engineers achieve optimal results from continuous-dress, creep-feed (CDCF) grinding.
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Sharp Attack: How Needles And Other Medical Sharps Are Ground
Author: Kip Hanson, Contributing Editor
Published: July 2014

Spend enough time working in a machine shop and you’re bound to pay a visit to the emergency room for a cut finger. First comes the sting as the ER physician injects you with a local anesthetic, then the tug of the thread as she drags the suturing needle, a type of surgical needle, through your skin. This traumatic experience is painful enough, but without the sharp edge imparted to those needles through special machines known as needle-point grinders, those sutures would feel as if the doc were using a darning needle from grandma’s sewing kit.
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Abusive Grinding
Author: Dr. Jeffrey Badger
Published: February 2014

A shop seeks insight from our Ask the Grinding Doc columnist, Dr. Jeffrey Badger, regarding the premature fatigue failure of pistons that seem fine when they go out the door. Could grinding be the culprit for these pistons cracking after just 5 weeks?
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Supersonic Grinding
Author: Susan Woods, Contributing Editor
Published: February 2014

High-speed grinding can provide great gains when grinding outside diameters.
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Coolant Strategy
How close do you need to get the coolant nozzle to the grinding wheel? Dr. Jeffrey Badger, the Ask the Grinding Doc columnist for Cutting Tool Engineering, offers some direction.
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Cup-wheel Grinding
For one shop, increasing wheel speed when cup-wheel grinding usually reduces wheel wear, but sometimes it increases wear. The shop turned to Grinding Doc Jeffrey Badger, Ph.D., for some insight.
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Dressing Versus Grinding Speed
A machinist wrote to Dr. Jeffrey Badger, our Ask the Grinding Doc columnist, because the 'old-timers' tell him he has to dress at the same wheel speed he uses to grind. Is this true, and, if so, why?
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Reducing Cycle Time
A shop surface grinding 12" x 36" plates has to remove 1/8" of material on both sides, but the cycle time is a killer. So the shop turned to the Grinding Doc for a way to reduce the cycle time.
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Switching To CBN?
Dr. Jeffrey Badger, Cutting Tool Engineering magazine's "Ask the Grinding Doc" columnist, offers a checklist for shops contemplating a switch from aluminum oxide to CBN wheels.
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