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Nov 2015  
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Industry News Items

 5th Axis to appear on 'How It's Made'

 U.S. Shop Tools releases new catalog

 Mitee-Bite launches expanded service program

 SCHUNK: Jens Lehmann as new spokesperson

 Deublin Company launches new Web site

NEMI releases tombstone vacuum chuck
Northern Engineering and Manufacturing (NEMI) has released a vacuum chuck compatible with both horizontal and vertical machining centers.
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Self-centering vise is for 5-axis machine tools
Designed for 5 axis machines, CompactGRIP series of vises from Gerardi SpA allow machining operations on the five workpieces sides with reportedly perfect alignment in a space saving design, extremely high wear resistance, with reduced deflection.
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Dillon stocks a large selection of standard jaws
Dillon Manufacturing Inc. stocks one of the industry’s largest selection of standard jaws for immediate shipment.
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Northfield Precision develops special gimbaling collet chuck
Northfield Precision Instrument Corp. designed a special gimbaling collet chuck. This chuck uses a special precision collet to grip the pitch diameter of a splined drive shaft for balancing.
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AMT Innovations offers multiple-axis workholders
AMT Innovations offers a state-of-the-art workholding product, Get-A-Grip.
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Stick With It
Author: Kip Hanson, Contributing Editor
Published: September 2015

Let’s say you want to machine your initials on your favorite Hummel figurine or cut the likeness of the school mascot on your daughter’s Little League helmet. How are you going to grip them? A conventional way to grip fragile, difficult-to-hold workpieces is to encapsulate them in some sort of potting compound, a time-consuming and wasteful process.
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Growth Of Customized Workholding
Author: Mitchell Kirby, Riten Industries Inc.
Published: July 2015

Metalworking is becoming increasingly specialized, with manufacturers of lathes and grinders offering a variety of capacities, bed lengths and other options. This promises the user the ability to create custom machining solutions to “meet any production need.” While this is true to a point, standard options have their limits, and truly customized machines cost more and have extended delivery times.
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Holding Challenging Parts
Author: Kip Hanson
Published: June 2015

Some workpieces, like those that are oddly shaped, large or delicate, can be a real pain in the neck. What's the best way to securely grab a hold of them?
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Bad Parts? Check The Tailstock
Author: Mitchell Kirby, Riten Industries Inc.
Published: February 2015

Every lathe and grinder operator has, at one time or another, struggled with workpieces that are out of round, tapered or have poor finish. The "quick fix" is typically replacing centers. The more involved fix requires replacing spindle bearings that appear to have failed prematurely. In either case, the problem goes away initially, only to reoccur a short time later.
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Shops Have Plenty Of Choices When Gripping Small Parts
Author: Kip Hanson
Published: January 2015

Wedge, cam, square and pull-down clamps, micro vises and chucks, hexagons and rounds. These are just some of the workholding options available to shops that mill small workpieces. Finding the right clamps isn’t a problem, but how they’re utilized may be. This article examines some of the options and provides tips on how to use them.
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OML's SinterGrip
OML's SinterGrip vise jaws demonstration.
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IMTS 2012 Roundup
Cutting Tool Engineering offers a full report on the myriad press conferences and media events held during the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2012 at Chicago's McCormick Place. The Sept. 10-15 show attracted nearly 22% more visitors than in 2010.
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Kennametal Targets Weakest Link
Mike Ramsey, vice president of Global MTI Sales at Kennametal Inc., provides an overview of the company's new KM4X spindle connection system, which is said to triple the bending resistance compared to other systems.
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EMAG Unveils 'The Nebenzeit Killer'
Introduced at IMTS 2012, EMAG L.L.C.'s VL 2 P machining system with pendular technology gets its nickname, "The Nebenzeit Killer," from its reported ability to kill idle time.
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Adept Adapter
Dr. Jeffrey Badger fields a question from a shop truing its diamond wheels offline, then remounting them onto the non-tapered spindle without using an adapter. The shop is wondering whether its tight wheel tolerances negate the need for an adapter.
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