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July 2014  
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 Deublin Company launches new Web site

  Koma Precision to work with CCAT

Air chuck jaws are for gripping delicate parts
Dillon pin-location top jaws hold small and delicate parts, such as those often machined using air chucks, firmly without damaging or marring their surfaces.
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Fixture plate system is for lean vision inspection
Phillips Precision announced the latest weapon in its Inspection Arsenal, Open-Sight, the lean, fast-swap fixture plate system for vision inspection.
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Chuck maximizes application field of mill/turn machines
SCHUNK has developed the manual chuck ROTA-S flex, particularly for machining a wide workpiece range on mill/turn machines.
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Magnetic chuck combine with quick-change pallet system
Combined with a SCHUNK VERO-S quick-change pallet system, MAGNOS magnetic chucks are more efficient, according to Schunk.
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Sliding-jaw air chuck has two moving jaws
Northfield Precision Instrument Corp. introduces its Model 870 sliding-jaw air chuck (.0001 TIR).
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Rotary Tables Tackle Heavy Loads With Ease
Author: Kip Hanson, Contributing Editor
Published: June 2014

Tired of your wimpy 5C indexer or NC rotary table giving up its position faster than a politician after an election? Maybe it's time to supersize that commodity indexer.
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Heavy-Duty Hydro
Author: Kip Hanson, Contributing Editor
Published: May 2014

Hydraulic vises ofer accurate workholding for workpieces large and small.
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Tips For Using Zero-point Clamping Systems
Author: Kip Hanson, Contributing Editor
Published: April 2014

If your shop is looking for a low-cost, simple and effective way to reduce setup time, consider zero-point clamping.
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Hold Tight
Author: Alan Richter, Editor
Published: March 2014

A unique collet-and-cartridge workholding system for machining small parts.
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Why Good Live Centers Go Bad
Author: Mitchell Kirby, Vice President of Manufacturing, Riten Industries Inc.
Published: February 2014

Regardless of a live center's brand, its quality is acceptable or the center manufacturer wouldn't be in business. In addition, most center designers have kept pace with today's high-horsepower machines, aggressive machining parameters and high-pressure coolant applications to avoid limiting the accuracy and service life of a live center.
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OML's SinterGrip
OML's SinterGrip vise jaws demonstration.
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IMTS 2012 Roundup
Cutting Tool Engineering offers a full report on the myriad press conferences and media events held during the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2012 at Chicago's McCormick Place. The Sept. 10-15 show attracted nearly 22% more visitors than in 2010.
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Kennametal Targets Weakest Link
Mike Ramsey, vice president of Global MTI Sales at Kennametal Inc., provides an overview of the company's new KM4X spindle connection system, which is said to triple the bending resistance compared to other systems.
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EMAG Unveils 'The Nebenzeit Killer'
Introduced at IMTS 2012, EMAG L.L.C.'s VL 2 P machining system with pendular technology gets its nickname, "The Nebenzeit Killer," from its reported ability to kill idle time.
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Adept Adapter
Dr. Jeffrey Badger fields a question from a shop truing its diamond wheels offline, then remounting them onto the non-tapered spindle without using an adapter. The shop is wondering whether its tight wheel tolerances negate the need for an adapter.
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